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Mark Dubois

Connecticut and The Klan


Donald Trump rarely tells the truth, but he was correct when he said the Ku Klux Klan and its foes have been battling each other long before he became president. During the early years of the Klan's "Second Era" after World War I and until the 1930s, Connecticut was a surprisingly active venue for Klan activity. Connecticut membership during that era peaked at somewhere between 15,000 and 18,000.

Mark Dubois

The 'No-Fee' Fee Letter

By Mark Dubois |

The "no-fee" letter comes into play when a lawyer provides a service but doesn't charge a fee. By its very terms, the rule only applies to clients, but a "client" can be anyone who receives legal services from a lawyer.

The Statue of Liberty

Illegal Immigrants, by Definition, Are Not Law-Abiding US Citizens


Both sides in the immigration controversy are destroying the law in their own way.

Mark Dubois

No Shortage of Subjects to Cover


Many folks ask me how I manage to come up with subjects to write about. My response is I wish I had more time, because I could do this full time. In fact, there's really too much to cover every few weeks in just 750 words. Here's some of what has come in since my last column.

Diane Whitney

Science and Evidence: The Future Is Now

By Diane W. Whitney |

If a manufacturer of a product knows that the product will, or could, cause harm to people with a genetic sensitivity to it, must it issue a warning? That question opens up a whole panoply of concerns.

Randy Evans and Shari Klevens, Dentons partners.

Avoiding Minefields of Risks as Replacement Counsel

By J. Randolph Evans and Shari L. Klevens, Dentons US |

"If the statute of limitation has expired in a plaintiff's personal injury case and there are no other options, new counsel may compound the error by attempting solutions that have no chance of success."

Being Prepared Can Save Attorneys Major Headaches in the Long Run

By Suzanne B. Sutton, Cohen and Wolf |

My daughter recently graduated high school. She is off to college in a couple of months, and I am setting up a cot at my Cohen and Wolf office, where I will be working the rest of my life to pay her tuition. She may want to be a doctor. Can I bill in the afterlife?

Mark Dubois

Duty of Candor Can Make for Tricky Triangle


I recently had the privilege of working with two judges on different CLE programs, both dealing with the issue of candor to the tribunal. It's a sticky, tricky subject — both for the bench and the bar.

James I Glasser (seated) and Joseph W. Martini of Wiggins & Dana in New Haven Connecticut. .Photo by MIa Malafronte

Exploring the Boundaries of the Fifth Amendment

By Joe Martini and James Glasser, Wiggin and Dana |

The "act of production" doctrine gestated in the 1970s, when the absolute protection traditionally afforded "private books and papers" gave way to a more nuanced evaluation of whether the act of selecting and producing material, regardless of its content, could be construed as "testimonial" in nature.

Harry Mazadoorian

Recognizing Universal Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques


One of Connecticut's oldest and most distinguished ADR organizations is Community Mediation Inc. Frequently operating without fanfare and appropriate recognition, CMI toils tirelessly to resolve those disputes which tear at the fabric of everyday life, such as domestic disputes, landlord/tenant conflicts, parent/teen misunderstanding, property line disputes and even barking dogs, just to mention a few.

Randy Evans and Shari Klevens, Dentons partners.

Protecting Against Unexpected Conflicts of Interest

By Randy Evans and Shari Klevens |

Some attorneys are ignorant of the risks that can be created outside the traditional attorney-client relationship.

Mark Dubois

Nontraditional Representation Faces Latest Growing Pains


New Jersey lowered the boom on AVVO and LegalZoom the other day, finding their practice models violated a number of ethics rules, including fee sharing with nonlawyers and operation of an unlicensed referral service. I doubt this marks the end of them — it's more like a speed bump — but what our chief justice had to say the other day on alternative forms of dispute resolution is probably much more important.