A court can consider an inheritance received after the wife filed for divorce as part of the marital estate. The parties met at Middlebury College, married in 1984 and have two children. Allegedly, the husband conceded that he was an alcoholic and that he punched their child. The wife admitted that she did not comply with decisions the parties reached about parenting. In 2003, the parties discussed the possibility of divorce and reconciled. In 2009, the husband allegedly engaged in an affair. The husband, who has a college degree in English literature, earned $378,000 gross per year, working as chief executive officer at Traxys North America, until he resigned, because he was worried about alleged unethical conduct. The wife started a children's clothing store that was highly profitable for 15 years. Recently, the wife has invested her personal funds, from an inheritance that she received within the past year and an individual retirement account, to help keep the business afloat. The court valued the wife's business as worth $0 and did not credit the husband's claim the business is worth more than $900,000. Each party asked to keep an inheritance. "While the source must be considered, inherited assets are available for equitable distribution," pursuant to North v. North, a 1981 Connecticut Supreme Court decision. The court decided to treat the parties' inheritances as part of the marital estate. The court awarded the wife alimony of 30 percent of the husband's earned income, which shall include salary and bonuses from employment or employment-related activities, until the wife's death, cohabitation or July 12, 2021. The court awarded the wife the marital residence and ordered the husband to pay $345,195, "as additional property." The court awarded each party accounts and investments. The court awarded the husband his membership in a yacht club. The court ordered the parties to sell and to divide equally the proceeds from a boat. The court awarded the husband his grandmother's diamond, his mother's Piaget watch and necklace, and artwork, paintings, sculptures and antiques that he inherited. The court awarded the wife her interests in her children's clothing store.