A court can find that a party who allegedly did not follow a court order to take a parenting education course is in contempt of court. The parties married in 1997 and have three children. During the marriage, the parties moved to North Carolina, Florida and Tennessee. In 2010, the wife wanted to return to Connecticut after the husband lost his job. The husband wanted to remain in Florida. In November 2011, the wife and children returned to Connecticut, without the husband. Currently, the husband works about 33 hours per week and earns about $400 gross per week, as a shipping and receiving clerk. The wife earns $450 gross per week as a phlebotomist instructor. The wife requested sole custody, and the husband requested joint custody. The oldest child faults her mother for returning to Connecticut and wants to live with the father, although she has no other family, friends and support system in the father's state, and the father lacks clear plans for her continued schooling and medical and dental care. The court awarded the wife sole decision making with respect to the children, whose primary residence is with the wife. The court awarded the husband visitation during school and summer vacations. The court ordered the husband to pay child support of $124 per week, plus $16 per week on the child support arrearage. The court found both parties in contempt, because neither party took the parenting education course, as ordered in October 2012. The court ordered the parties to take the parenting education course within three months. The court fined each party $25, because they did not take the course earlier. The court informed the parties that if they do not take the course within three months, and file a certificate to confirm their attendance, the court will fine them $25 per week, up to a maximum of $500. The court kept jurisdiction for the purposes of future post-secondary education. The court ordered the husband to pay alimony of $1 per week, until the wife's death, marriage, civil union, cohabitation or May 8, 2019, whichever takes place first.