The State Elections Enforcement Commission may elect not to penalize a campaign committee that fails to provide "paid for by" and "approved by" attributions," pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §9-621. Adrean Rodriguez filed a complaint and alleged that a Web site maintained by the Connecticut Property Owners Alliance Inc. failed to include the "paid for by" and "approved by" attributions. The State Elections Enforcement Commission found that Connecticut Property Owners Alliance maintained a Web site known as "" that solicited contributions for itself and that urged citizens to support efforts to help repeal municipal ordinances. The Web site also encouraged citizens to vote in the November 2013 municipal election. It stated, "Countdown to election day. Sanity gets restored to City Hall in [date from countdown clock]." Out of an abundance of caution, the respondent voluntarily decided to return funds solicited from the Web site and to remove any objectionable materials, when it was informed about Rodriguez's complaint. It cooperated with the State Elections Enforcement Commission's investigation and has no record of any prior violation. The Statewide Elections Commission dismissed the complaint and did not order any penalty.