A collective bargaining contract can provide that union members who participate in a municipal wellness program will be entitled to a reduction in wellness program costs. In October 2012, firefighters who worked for the City of Meriden participated in lab tests as part of a municipal wellness program. The union maintained that the municipality failed to immediately provide a cost reduction, pursuant to the collective bargaining contract. The municipality objected that participation in 2012 did not entitle participants to a reduction prior to July 2013. Arbitrators found that the collective bargaining contract was clear and unambiguous. The wellness program is offered in one year, and the discount is given the following July 1. The municipality did not violate the collective bargaining contract. Union members who participated were not entitled to the cost reduction between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013, as alleged. Arbitrators denied the grievance. Jeffrey Mogan represented the municipality, and James Ferguson represented the union.