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Mark Dubois: YouTube, Snapchat and the Murky Waters of Legal Advertising

By Mark Dubois |

Though I am very unlikely to do any of them, I now understand that to communicate with another you can email, tweet, retweet, subtweet, poke, chat, snap, vine, pin, post, YouTube and a host of other things that seemingly change daily.


Norm Pattis: Boston Bombing Leads to Deeper Thinking About Death Penalty

By Norm Pattis |

I've been reading the press reports about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's jury selection in Boston with a growing sense of ambivalence. Tsarnaev, you will recall, is the surviving suspect in the 2013 bombing at the Boston Marathon.

Dan Krisch

Dan Krisch: Charlie Hebdo, Intolerance and the Case for Free Speech

By Dan Krisch |

Je suis Charlie—but too much of the world, I fear, is not. In the aftermath of the murders at the French weekly Charlie Hebdo, grief has given way to controversy over its two covers since the attack.