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Patricia King

Patricia King: Many Lawyers Have Trouble Managing Money

By Patricia King |

We've all become well acquainted with "income inequality," a trendy term that describes the gaping disparity between the large percentage of the national wealth that is held by a small percentage of upper-income Americans and the paltry percentage that dribbles down to the middle and lower classes. But have you heard about income inequality's cousin: income volatility?


Norm Pattis: Ignorance of Law Is Good Reason for CLE

By Norm Pattis |

I've never been a fan of arbitration and mediation. Loosey-goosey fact-finding is dangerous. The rules of evidence matter, and mastery of those rules best equips a lawyer to present reliable information.


Mark Dubois: Simplifying Divorce Is the Right Idea

By Mark Dubois |

Kudos to Beth Bozzuto, Connecticut's chief administrative judge for family matters, and the Judicial Branch for proposing a streamlined and fairly summary process for folks with limited assets and issues who wish to be divorced.

Patricia King

Patricia King: Mentors Can Help New Lawyers Avoid Ethical Lapses

By Patricia King |

The results of the February bar exam were just released, and another wave of young lawyers will be sworn in very soon. Unfortunately, the job market and student loan debt will force many of them into solo practice if they cannot find other employment.