Expert Opinion


Norm Pattis: Renovated Courthouse Looks Nice, But Lacks Basics

By Norm Pattis |

I'm not sure how much money was spent on the renovations to the Elm Street courthouse in New Haven, but it wasn't enough.

Patricia King

Patricia King: Successful Strategies for Answering Grievance Complaints

By Patricia King |

Every attorney dreads that certified letter from the Statewide Grievance Committee bearing news that a grievance has been filed against you. If you should receive one, do not give in to the temptation to bury it at the bottom of the pile farthest away from your desk and pretend that it doesn't exist. The best strategy is to do the opposite: put it at the top of your priority list.


Mark Dubois: Crowdfunding and Other Developments in Law Firm Investment

By Mark Dubois |

There has been an amazing confluence of events in the field of law firm financing in the last few weeks, and, for my money (no double entendre intended), what was already complicated and confusing may have become more so.