Expert Opinion


Mark Dubois: Mandatory CLE Is the Norm in Other Professions

By Mark Dubois |

The Superior Court judges recently met for their annual approval of Practice Book changes, including those dealing with the Code of Professional Responsibility.


Norm Pattis: Ban on Opening Statements Should Be Lifted

By Norm Pattis |

During the past year, I've been surprised by the number of times jurors have requested read backs of testimony they just heard only a few days earlier in criminal cases.

Michelle Cruz: Prosecutor's Bad Decision Puts Rice's Wife at Risk

By Michelle Cruz |

The recently released video of pro football star Ray Rice's vicious attack on his then-girlfriend Janay Palmer (they're now married) provides a rare window into the life of a domestic violence victim.

Peter Benner

Peter Benner: Early Mediation Works for Lawyers as Well as Clients

By Peter W. Benner |

I have written and spoken regularly on the benefits of early mediation in a litigated dispute. The reasons for early assistance from a neutral third party are compelling: More than 95 percent of civil cases settle.

Goodusky: The Down Side of Legal Technology

By Amy Goodusky |

As some of you know, back when pterodactyls nested in New Haven, I was a working musician. I am wont to state, whenever anyone asks me about it, that there are circular slabs of grooved vinyl tucked into cardboard sleeves to prove that this actually happened.


Dubois: Advocates Should Weigh In on Controversial Matters

By Mark Dubois |

I read that Tom Goldstein, the fella who started SCOTUSblog, filed a brief in the Supreme Court on behalf of no client which did not argue one way or the other on the merits of the case.


Gideon: Producer's Arrest Illustrates Perils of 'Existing While Black'

By Gideon |

"Tall," "bald-headed" and "black male" are apparently the only identifiers of Charles Belk, who recently spent six hours in police custody because he fit the description of a bank robber.


Mark Dubois: How the Legal Profession Is Like Amazon

By Mark Dubois |

My wife works in book publishing. Whenever I lament the changes overtaking the legal profession, she responds with something like, "You should try my business."


Norm Pattis: 'Unleashed Attack Dogs' Won't Help in Ferguson

By Norm Pattis |

I couldn't stop thinking about the allegory of the metals in Plato's Republic as I read the op-ed piece in The Washington Post written by Los Angeles Police Officer, Sunil Dutta.