Expert Opinion


Gideon: Police Dishonesty Has Pushed America to a Flashpoint

By Gideon |

There is a crisis of faith in America. A crisis that exposes the deep chasms that exist in our society.


Norm Pattis: Newtown Lawsuit Based on Tortured Legal Theory

By Norm Pattis |

Word on the street is that Koskoff, Koskoff & Beider is so wealthy the law firm weighs, rather than counts, its money. I hope that's true, because the fight the firm just picked against Bushmaster and others is going to cost plenty to litigate.


Mark Dubois: Be Careful About Threatenting to Grieve Another Lawyer

By Mark Dubois |

Occasionally, I get a call from a lawyer stating that an opponent has threatened, either explicitly or implicitly, that if a matter involving a claim against an attorney is not resolved quickly, the client may feel it necessary to file a criminal or grievance complaint.

Dan Krisch

Dan Krisch: A Troubling Proposal for Changing Israeli Law

By Dan Krisch |

The Basic Law shields all Israelis, Jew and Arab alike. It does not ask your religion before deciding whether your 'life, body and dignity' and your 'privacy and intimacy' deserve protection.