A court may consider equitable considerations when ruling whether to award prejudgment interest. The plaintiff, DaimlerChrylser Insurance Co., sued the defendant, John Pambianchi. The District Court granted judgment to the plaintiff and denied the plaintiff's request for prejudgment interest. Both sides appealed. The 2nd Circuit reviewed the grant of summary judgment de novo. Summary judgment is appropriate only if there are no genuine issues of material fact and one party is entitled to judgment as a matter of law. The 2nd Circuit affirmed the decision to grant summary judgment to DaimlerChrysler Insurance Co., for substantially the same reasons as the District Court. The 2nd Circuit reviewed the denial of prejudgment interest for abuse of discretion. The District Court's decision that equitable considerations did not merit an award of prejudgment interest was not an abuse of discretion. The 2nd Circuit affirmed the judgment of the District Court, Kravitz, J.