A collective bargaining contract can provide that a cop who receives a temporary promotion will receive a higher rate of pay. Allegedly, Sergeant Keith Turgeon and another worker in the detective division failed to cooperate with one another. The City of Groton transferred Sergeant Turgeon from the detective division to support services commander. After the transfer, Turgeon complained that he did not receive a higher rate of pay, and the union filed a grievance. The union maintained that Turgeon should receive higher pay, because he performed work at a higher rank, essentially as an acting lieutenant. Apparently, the previous support services commander had been a lieutenant and had received a lieutenant's pay. The city objected that the support services commander position was not equivalent to that of a lieutenant and that Turgeon continued to work at the rank of detective sergeant. The collective bargaining agreement provides, "Whenever any employee works in a higher rank than his regular rank, i.e. Acting Lieutenant or Acting Sergeant, such employee, for each day of such service shall receive pay for the next higher step." The majority of arbitrators found, by the preponderance of the evidence, that Turgeon maintained his rank as detective sergeant and was not promoted to lieutenant. The majority voted, 2-1, to deny the grievance. David Ryan represented the city, and Eugene Elk represented the union.