A new trial was not warranted by claimed newly discovered evidence of post-trial admissions by a key witness for the state allegedly showing that he lied in his testimony at trial. Rasheen Giraud was convicted of various crimes including: murder, felony murder, robbery and kidnapping in the first degree. Giraud received a total effective sentence of 85 years' incarceration. The Supreme Court affirmed the judgment of conviction on direct appeal. Giraud filed a petition for a new trial claiming that there was newly discovered evidence of post-trial admissions by one of the state's key witnesses in his criminal trial that showed that the witness had lied in his trial testimony. Giraud claimed that the post trial admissions of the witness so undermined his credibility as to warrant a new trial. The trial court, following a hearing, denied the petition for a new trial but granted Giraud's petition for certification to appeal. Giraud appealed. The Appellate Court affirmed the judgment. Because the trial court thoroughly addressed the arguments raised in the appeal, the Appellate Court adopted it as a statement of the facts and applicable law on the issue. No further discussion was found necessary.