The State Elections Enforcement Commission possesses the discretion to dismiss an otherwise valid complaint about an alleged violation of the 75-foot rule, if the complainants refuse to cooperate. Catherine and Lewis Strother claimed that representatives of Michael Buscetto, a candidate for public office in New London, allegedly placed themselves about 10 feet from the outside entrance to a polling place on election day and distributed campaign literature, in violation of the 75-foot rule. Connecticut General Statutes §9-236(a) provides, "On the day of any primary, referendum or election, no person shall solicit on behalf of or in opposition to the candidacy of another or himself or on behalf of or in opposition to any question being submitted at the election or referendum, or loiter or peddle or offer any advertising matter, ballot or circular to another person within a radius of seventy-five feet of any outside entrance." The complainants failed to cooperate in the investigation of the State Elections Enforcement Commission, and the commission exercised its discretion to dismiss the complaint, without prejudice.