A court can find that the votes in an election were not counted correctly and publish the corrected count. After the votes in the August 14 election for candidates for the 5th Assembly District in the Connecticut House of Representatives were counted and reported, the trial court found that there was a mistake in the official count, and that the Democratic primary resulted in 774 votes for Leo Canty and 774 votes for Brandon McGee. Because the top candidates were tied, the court ordered another election to take place on October 2. The court ordered that municipal clerks and registrars of voters publish notice of the new primary, on or before September 22. The court also ordered the registrars to use their best efforts to use the same primary officials who previously worked at the August 14 Democratic primary. Municipal officials shall order new ballots, on or before September 24. The name of Donald Trinks, who withdrew as a candidate, shall not appear on the ballot. Candidates shall submit the names of unofficial checkers, on or before September 28. Machines shall be tested, on or before October 1. The court vacated any prior orders to impound vote tabulators or ballot bags in the Fifth Assembly District. Municipal officials shall certify the results, on before 5 p.m. on October 3. The court kept jurisdiction until the Democratic candidate is nominated. "Any challenge to the results of the adjourned primary, the conduct of the primary, or the certification of the result of the election," wrote the court, "shall be brought before this Court." Municipal officials shall issue absentee ballots for the November 6 general election on October 5.