The penalty for first-degree sexual assault, in violation of Connecticut General Statutes §53a-70(a)(1), is five to 20 years. The government charged the petitioner, Shawn Jordan, with breaking into a home, sodomizing the male companion of his former girlfriend with a mop handle, and pouring salt and bleach into the wounds. The petitioner was convicted of first-degree sexual assault, first-degree assault and first-degree robbery. The petitioner was sentenced to 40 years, execution suspended after 28 years. The petitioner's counsel, Bruce Lorenzen, claimed it was unlikely that the petitioner would repeat his offenses and requested a sentence reduction. The petitioner expressed remorse, and the female victim requested mercy on behalf of the petitioner. The assistant state's attorney, Ed Narus, objected that the petitioner's conduct was barbaric. The sentencing court, Mullarkey, J., "was extremely considerate and tolerant," taking into account "the horrific conduct exhibited by the petitioner," wrote the Sentence Review Division. The petitioner's sentence was not inappropriate or disproportionate, and the Sentence Review Division affirmed.