• Superior Court
  • New Haven J.D., at New Haven
  • FA12-4050069S
  • Oct 09 2012 (Date Decided)
  • Conway, J.

A court can distribute the parties' pensions, investments and real property so that each party receives approximately 50 percent of the marital portion. The parties married in August 1995 and have one minor child. It was the wife's second marriage, and she praised the husband's parenting of her child from her earlier relationship. The parties suffered significant stress when a fetus died, just prior to birth, and the court did not find either party at greater fault for the breakdown of the marital relationship. The husband, 42, earns $1,224 gross per week as an electric installer at Sikorsky and suffers from a liver disease, known as Nonalcoholic Stretts Hepatitis. Often, if the husband is unable to work as a result of his medical condition, he makes up the loss by working double time. The wife, 52, has a master's degree in education and earns $1,486 gross per week as a kindergarten teacher. The court awarded joint custody of the minor child, with primary physical custody with the wife and visitation with the husband. The court ordered the husband to pay child support of $132 per week. The court kept jurisdiction for the purposes of future education support. The court did not award alimony. The court ordered the husband to quitclaim his interest in the marital residence to the wife. If the wife is unable to pay the husband $45,000, on or before June 30, 2014, the parties shall sell the residence and the wife may keep the net proceeds, except for $45,000 for the husband. The court denied the wife's request for an order that the husband contribute $100 per week toward household expenses. The court awarded each party 50 percent of the marital portions of any pensions and investments and ordered that they hold each other harmless from debt.