An individual who serves as an accessory to commit a home invasion can be sentenced to 10 to 25 years. Allegedly, the petitioner, Yadeil Figueroa, served as the "get away" driver for individuals who were engaged in a home invasion. A jury convicted the petitioner of conspiracy to commit home invasion and accessory to commit home invasion. The petitioner was sentenced to 15 years, execution suspended after 10 years. The petitioner's attorney, Tina D'Amato, requested a sentence reduction and argued that the petitioner was only 16 at the time of the alleged crime and should only be sentenced to the mandatory minimum of 10 years. Assistant State's Attorney Eva Lenczewski argued that the court appropriately sentenced the petitioner to 15 years. Sentencing Judge Carl Schuman did not credit the petitioner's testimony and found that the petitioner exhibited disrespect for the law and the oath. "Taking into consideration the nature of the allegations as well as the petitioner's background," wrote the Sentence Review Division, "the sentence imposed is appropriate and not disproportionate."