An individual who allegedly engages in larceny can be sentenced to 1 to 20 years. The petitioner, John Papandrea, worked as a financial officer at a corporation. Victims alleged that they lost more than $1 million. A jury convicted Papandrea of nine counts of first-degree larceny, and he was sentenced to 12 years, execution suspended after six years. Papandrea's attorney, Hugh Keefe, argued that the sentence was inappropriate for a nonviolent, white collar, criminal offense and requested a sentence reduction to three years. Assistant State's Attorney John Doyle argued that Papandrea engaged in a deliberate, premeditated, fraudulent scheme. The sentencing judge, Joseph Licari, indicated that Papandrea's alleged scheme was systematic and that Papandrea lacked remorse. Considering the nature of the crime, and the petitioner's background, the sentence was not inappropriate or disproportionate, and the Sentence Review Division affirmed.