A worker who leaves suitable work voluntarily, without good cause attributable to an employer, may not be eligible for unemployment benefits. Allegedly, the claimant's employer, Media Script Inc., informed the claimant about a reduction in pay, and the claimant expressed her dissatisfaction, requested the opportunity to meet with the employer, and quit. In November 2011, the administrator of the Unemployment Compensation Act concluded that the claimant failed to request a remedy, prior to quitting, and was not entitled to unemployment benefits. In December, the appeals referee reversed and found that the claimant established she left work for good cause attributable to her employer, because the claimant met with the employer, in an attempt to resolve the situation, after she was informed about the reduction in pay. The appeals referee concluded that further discussion would have been futile. Media Script appealed and argued that the claimant did not adequately explore alternatives, prior to quitting. In April 2012, the Employment Security Board of Review modified and affirmed the decision of the appeals referee that the claimant was entitled to unemployment benefits. The employer appealed to the Superior Court. The employer did not file a motion to correct the record. The board's decision was not arbitrary, illegal or an abuse of discretion, and the court dismissed the employer's appeal.