An individual can be sentenced to one to 20 years for first-degree sexual assault. The government charged the petitioner, Steven Correia, with allegedly forcing two female victims into his motor vehicle at gunpoint, as they exited a nightclub, taking their money, threatening to harm them if they reported his conduct, placing one victim in his trunk and sexually assaulting the other victim. A jury convicted the petitioner of first-degree sexual assault, first-degree kidnapping and first-degree robbery. A court sentenced the petitioner to 45 years in prison. The petitioner's attorney, Cheryl Jeuniewic, requested a sentence reduction and argued that 45 years was disproportionate. Assistant State's Attorney John Doyle objected that the petitioner had an extensive, violent criminal history. Sentencing Judge Thomas O'Keefe found that the evidence against the petitioner was convincing. The Sentence Review Division was not persuaded that the 45-year sentence for sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery was inappropriate or disproportionate, and it affirmed.