A court can recommend a prison placement for a prisoner that is more than 500 miles away from Connecticut, if that will facilitate the prisoner's visitation with members of his immediate family. In October 2012, the defendant, Thomas Donnelly Jr., was sentenced to 24 months in prison.  Previously, the District Court granted Donnelly's request that the court recommend to the Bureau of Prisons that Donnelly serve his sentence at a corrections facility located in New York. Donnelly requested that the court change its recommendation to Florida, Alabama or Georgia, so that family located in north central Florida can visit him. Donnelly claimed that he did not previously request to serve his sentence in Florida, Alabama or Georgia, because he had been informed that the prison facility had to be located no more than 500 miles from Connecticut. The court granted the defendant's request to recommend that the defendant serve his sentence in Florida, Alabama or Georgia, to facilitate visits with his immediate family. The court extended the defendant's self-surrender date to December 2012.