A court can award offer-of-compromise interest of 8 percent, if the plaintiff offers to compromise, the defendant rejects the plaintiff's offer, and the plaintiff prevails at trial in an amount equal to or greater than the offer of compromise. In August 2011, the plaintiff, Veronica Signorelli, sued the defendant, Iric Trotman, and alleged that she was injured in a motor-vehicle collision. In June 2012, Signorelli filed an offer of compromise in the amount of $12,000. A jury awarded the plaintiff $14,515 in September. The plaintiff filed a motion for offer-of-compromise interest and reasonable attorneys' fees of $350, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §52-192a(c). The defendant requested a collateral source reduction in the amount of $353. The defendant conceded that the amount of the health insurance premiums that were paid was greater than the $353 that the plaintiff's health insurer paid for medical care as a result of the subject motor-vehicle collision. The court found that a reduction for collateral source payments was not merited. The court granted the plaintiff's request and awarded the plaintiff prejudgment interest of $1,307 and statutory attorneys' fees of $350.