A court can find a spouse is entitled to up to five years of alimony, to provide the party enough time to re-establish the party in the job market. The parties married in June 2002. The wife had one child from an earlier relationship and the husband had two children from his prior marriage. The wife, 40, worked as an office administrator and administrative assistant and currently is not employed. The husband, 44, worked in the Navy for 20 years, as a chief petty officer, and currently earns $78,000 gross per year as an engineer at Electric Boat, plus $397 per week in disability and retirement pay for his work in the Navy. The parties separated in 2008 and reconciled in 2010. The husband alleged that the wife was often intoxicated, threw objects and rammed his car into his truck. The wife complained that the husband called her a "pig" and was unwilling to support her return to college. The husband established that the wife's alleged substance abuse constituted a significant factor in the breakdown of the marital relationship. The wife requested alimony of $3,000 per month. The court found that the wife is entitled to alimony, because it may take time to re-establish herself in the job market. The court awarded alimony of $450 per week until the wife's death, marriage, cohabitation with an unrelated individual or Nov. 6, 2017, whichever takes place first. The court ordered the husband to maintain $120,000 in life insurance and to name the wife as the beneficiary, as long as he is obligated to pay alimony. The court awarded the wife the marital residence, which appears to have negative equity, and ordered the wife to refinance. The court also awarded the wife the G6 motor vehicle, a Chrysler, the Camaro, one motorcycle, 50 percent of the marital portion of the husband's 401(k) and 12.5 percent of the husband's military retirement pay. The court awarded the husband the Ford Explorer, the Ford Mustang, the trailer and the other motorcycle. The court denied the husband's request to order the wife to relinquish his last name.