A party treasurer may be required to disclose a lease for office space for campaign headquarters prior to actual receipt of an invoice from the landlord. Jack Testani filed a complaint alleging that Nancy DiNardo, chair of the Trumbull Democratic received a prohibited business entity contribution in the form of office space for the party's headquarters. The State Elections Enforcement Commission found that the party paid $2,000 for the office space and reported the expenditure on its Jan. 10, 2012, campaign finance disclosure statement. The party entered the lease in early September and was required to report the expenditure in October and November 2011. The State Elections Enforcement Commission found that the respondent treasurer, Mary Markham, violated Connecticut General Statutes §9-608, because she failed to timely report expenses incurred but not paid. The statute requires "an itemized accounting of each expense incurred but not paid." Markham objected that she did not participate in the negotiation of the office space and did not receive an invoice for the office space until November 2011. Previously, Markham has violated §9-608. The State Elections Enforcement Commission reprimanded the respondent treasurer and ordered that the respondent pay $300, as a civil penalty.