A prisoner who allegedly punches a guard can be sentenced up to 10 years, for assault of public safety personnel. In October 2009, an inmate, Faroulh Dorlett, allegedly punched a guard at Northern Correctional Institute, without provocation, and fought with another guard. A jury convicted the inmate of two counts of assault of a public safety person. Judge Edward Mullarkey sentenced the inmate to 10 years on each count, concurrent. The inmate's attorney, Robert McKay, argued that 10 years was excessive and that the guards' injuries were minimal. The inmate claimed that he underwent rehabilitation while he was in prison. The state's attorney, Matt Gedansky, objected that the petitioner exhibited no remorse for his unprovoked assaults. The Sentence Review Division can modify a sentence that is inappropriate or disproportionate, considering the nature of the offense, the character of the offender, the protection of the public, and the deterrent, rehabilitative, isolative and denunciatory purposes of sentencing. The Sentence Review Division affirmed the 10-year sentence, which was not inappropriate or disproportionate.