The State Elections Enforcement Commission can reprimand registrars of voters who allegedly delete the name of a registered voter, because another individual with the exact same name attempts to vote. Patricia A. Plourde of Middletown alleged that the Registrar of Voters negligently removed her name from the list of registered voters. Plourde went to vote on Nov. 8, 2011 and was informed that she was no longer allowed to vote at District 10, because her address had changed. Plourde insisted that she had not changed her address. She reinstated her registration to vote and voted. Apparently, another individual with the same name and a different date of birth had voted in District 1 earlier that day. As a result of a conversation with the District 1 moderator, the complainant's name was removed from the District 10 voting list, because officials were unaware that there was another individual with the exact same name. The other Patricia A. Plourde had recently moved to Middletown from New Britain and remained registered to vote in New Britain. If the Middletown registrars of voters and their assistants had followed procedures properly, they would have discovered that there were two individuals named Patricia A. Plourde, one of whom was not yet registered to vote in Middletown. The registrars and their assistants violated Connecticut General Statutes §9-17, because they allowed the voter who was registered to vote in New Britain to vote in Middletown. They also violated C.G.S. § 9-32, because they removed the complainant's name from the voting list. "[N]ot only did the Complainant nearly lose her right to vote in the 2011 General Election," wrote the State Elections Enforcement Commission, "the other Ms. Plourde was permitted to consummate a `same-day' registration not permitted by law." The respondent registrars of voters do not have any prior violations, and there was no evidence of malice. The State Elections Enforcement Commission waived the $100 fine, provided that the registrars accept a reprimand and apologize to the correctly registered Patricia Plourde.