An injured child may not impute the alleged negligence of the individual teachers, administrators and coaches who work for a regional school district to the municipalities that fund the regional school district, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §7-465. In November 2009, the minor plaintiff allegedly was injured during a soccer game that took place at Shepaug Valley High School. The plaintiffs filed a complaint against Regional School District No. 12, individual defendants, and the towns of Bridgewater, Washington and Roxbury. The defendant municipalities moved for summary judgment. The plaintiffs objected that because individual defendants were "employees" or "de facto employees" of the defendant municipalities, which fund the school district, the negligence of individual defendants, if any, can be imputed against the defendant municipalities, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §7-465. The defendant municipalities argued that the individual defendants are employees of Regional School District No. 12 and are not employees of the municipalities. C.G.S. §10-46a provides that local boards of education can be dissolved, when the regional board of education is created. Presumably, the regional school boards hire teachers, administrators and coaches. "Nothing in the statutes," wrote the court, "permits the court to find that teachers, coaches, administrators or other employees of a regional school district are employees of the towns which comprise that district." The defendant municipalities do not possess the duty to indemnify the individual defendants who worked for the regional school district, and the court granted the municipalities' motion for summary judgment.