Mootness exists when the court cannot grant relief. The trial court granted the petition of the commissioner of children and families to terminate the respondent father's rights in his children, a son and a daughter, on the grounds of abandonment pursuant to C.G.S. §17a-112(j)(3)(A) and failure to achieve such a degree of personal rehabilitation as would encourage the belief that he could assume a responsible position in his children's lives within a reasonable time pursuant to C.G.S. §17a-112(j)(3)(B)(i). The father appealed claiming that the trial court improperly found that he had failed to rehabilitate. The Appellate Court dismissed the appeal as moot. The respondent did not challenge the court's findings that he abandoned his children or that it was in the best interest of the children to terminate his parental rights. The court's finding of abandonment was an independent basis on which to terminate the respondent's parental rights. Thus, there was no practical relief the Appellate Court could afford the respondent and his appeal was moot.