An individual who allegedly participates in a conspiracy to commit first-degree assault can be sentenced to 20 years in prison. In 2011, the petitioner, Tyrone Washington, allegedly fired 19 shots at a victim who was in a motor vehicle. None of the petitioner's shots struck the victim. Washington pled guilty to conspiracy to commit first-degree assault and attempt to commit first-degree assault. Judge Joan Alexander sentenced Washington to 18 years, suspended after eight years, and five years of probation. The petitioner's attorney, Angela Anastasi, requested a sentence reduction, because the petitioner's criminal record is minimal. State's Attorney Donna Mambrino objected that Washington committed an extremely serious crime and is clearly involved with a gang. The sentence was not inappropriate or disproportionate, and the Sentence Review Division affirmed. "This was an extremely serious shooting," wrote the Sentence Review Division, "and the petitioner was sentenced within the parameters of the agreement."