Complaints about alleged discrimination can be dismissed, if not filed with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities within 180 days of the alleged act of discrimination. Allegedly, the complainant, Lourdes Morales, worked at Trinity College as an access control technician or locksmith and received a suspension of three days in October 2009, because she failed to answer her pager. Morales claimed that a male worker who allegedly failed to answer his pager did not receive a suspension. She also claimed that in May 2010 she and a female co-worker did not receive certain training that a male worker received. Allegedly, when Morales requested permission to adjust her schedule, in order to leave early, permission was denied, although a male worker was allowed to adjust his schedule. The respondent employer, Trinity College, moved to dismiss and argued that the complainant's allegations about discipline that took place in October 2009 were not filed timely, within 180 days. Presiding Human Rights Referee Michele Mount found that Morales was required to file a discrimination complaint within 180 days of the October 2009 suspension. Morales' Oct. 28, 2010, complaint about the suspension was not filed timely, and the human rights referee dismissed it. The remainder of Morales' complaint about alleged discrimination, in connection with denials of schedule adjustments and training opportunities, survived.