An individual who allegedly stalks and murders his former wife, in violation of a restraining order, can be sentenced to 55 years in prison. Initially, the state only charged the petitioner, Julio Morquecho, with stalking his former wife, in violation of a restraining order. A jury convicted Morquecho of first-degree stalking and he was sentenced to five years. When released from prison, Morquecho allegedly confronted his former wife as she left work and cut her throat. A jury convicted Morquecho of murder. Judge Paul Matasavage sentenced Morquecho to 55 years, concurrent to his sentence for first-degree stalking. Morquecho's attorneys, Jeff Hutcoe and David Nanavaty, requested a sentence reduction. Morquecho testified that he hoped to reunite with his former wife and that he was not guilty of murder. The state's attorney, Warren Murray, objected that Morquecho allegedly harassed, stalked and intimidated his former wife and then took her life. The sentence was not inappropriate or disproportionate, and the Sentence Review Division affirmed. "The petitioner," wrote the Sentence Review Division, constitutes a danger to the public, and he "terrorized the victim over a period of time by stalking her, cutting her throat and depriving the [victim's] children of their mother."