An individual who is convicted of first-degree manslaughter can be sentenced to 20 years in prison. The state charged the petitioner, Lee Edwards, with allegedly punching his girlfriend's infant with his boxing gloves. The infant, who was 10 months old, passed away. A panel of three judges—Judge Jon Blue, Judge John Mulcahy Jr. and Judge Joseph Koletsky—convicted the petitioner of first-degree manslaughter, first-degree assault and risk of injury to a minor. The petitioner was sentenced to 30 years, execution suspended after 28 years, and five years of probation. The petitioner's attorney, Michael Isko, argued that Edwards has mental health issues. Attorney Michael Isko requested a sentence reduction to 30 years, execution suspended after 20 years and 10 years of parole. The prosecutor, Assistant State's Attorney Ed Narus, objected that the petitioner committed a brutal crime and that the panel of three judges considered the petitioner's mental health issues. The Sentence Review Division wrote that the sentence of 30 years, execution suspended after 28 years was not inappropriate or disproportionate for a "horrendous crime where a ten month old child died at the hands of the petitioner." The Sentence Review Division affirmed the sentence.