A court can order a party who gave the other party a ring as a gift to pay that party the cost of the ring. The parties married in April 2007. In 2009, the parties traveled to Florence, Italy, to permit the husband, a chef, to work in Italian restaurants. The parties returned to Connecticut and, in October 2011, the husband, 35, opened his own Italian restaurant, The Tuscan. The restaurant closed in January 2013. Currently, the husband resides with his parents and requires surgery on his hand so that he can return to work as a chef. The wife, 33, earned about $80,000 gross per year in the fashion industry until 2009, when she resigned or lost her job and accompanied the husband to Florence. Currently, she resides with her parents and is undergoing training to learn to program pace makers. The court did not find either party at greater fault for the breakdown of the marital relationship. The court ordered each party to pay $1 per year as alimony, until the other party's death, marriage or Jan. 1, 2015. The parties agreed to joint custody, and the court ordered the husband to pay the wife $300 per week as child support, plus 50 percent of unreimbursed medical, tutoring, camp, daycare and sports expenses. The court kept jurisdiction for the purposes of future educational support, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §46b-56c. The court awarded each party accounts and investments. The court ordered the husband to pay $16,800 toward the wife's American Express credit card account. The court found that a $5,100 ring that the husband gave the wife when the minor child was born was a gift and ordered the husband to pay the wife $5,100.