A court can credit the opinion of the wife's expert, a certified public accountant, about the value of the wife's start-up business. The parties married in 1978 in London and have one child. The husband, 65, worked in the film industry and traveled frequently. Currently, he earns $523 net per week. The husband, a French citizen, allegedly refused to save money or to ensure he would qualify for Social Security. The wife elected to keep her finances separate. The court found that there would be virtually no marital assets, if the wife had not worked, started her own business and inherited money. The wife, wrote the court, "made virtually all of the contributions to the acquisition, maintenance, and preservation of the marital assets." The wife, 55, left college after two years to become a model. The wife worked at Signature Sound and took her principal client with her, when she left and started her own business, Pilot Music Business Services LLC, in 1998. Currently, the wife earns $1,023 net per week. The husband's CPA, Daniel Correa, valued Pilot Music at $1.7 million. The court credited the opinion of the wife's certified public accountant, Fairfield University Professor Patricia Poli, who submitted a comprehensive report and valued Pilot Music at $72,100. The court found that the wife "soldiers on," regardless of the "devastating nature of the wife's illnesses," which include polycystic kidney disease, arthritis and migraine headaches. The court ordered the wife to pay the husband alimony of $1,250 per month, pursuant to a contingent wage withholding order, until the husband's death, marriage, civil union or March 31, 2020, whichever takes place first. The court awarded the husband $150,000 as a lump sum property settlement. The court awarded the wife her interest in property in Nantucket and ordered the husband to pay $250 per day, for each day that he remains on the property after April 14, 2013. The court awarded each party accounts and investments. The court awarded the husband 50 percent of various pensions and individual retirement accounts. The court awarded the wife the Land Rover and her business interests.