When ruling on a request to use pseudonyms, a court may consider whether the plaintiffs possess a substantial privacy right that is greater than the customary and constitutionally embedded presumption of openness in judicial proceedings. The minor plaintiffs and their father sued the defendant, alleging that the defendant sexually assaulted the minor plaintiffs between 2006 and 2012. The plaintiffs requested the court's permission to use pseudonyms. The court found that use of pseudonyms will serve the interest of protecting the minor plaintiffs from exposure of their private situation, which includes allegations of sexual assault and physical and psychological injuries. The use of pseudonyms is the least restrictive and least intrusive method to balance the interests of the public to be aware of the workings of the Judicial Branch and the interests of the minor plaintiffs in privacy. The court granted permission to the minor plaintiffs to proceed as Jane and Jill Doe and the father to proceed as John Doe.