A court can order the parties to sell the marital residence and to divide the net proceeds of sale, unless one of the parties pays the other a lump sum property distribution within 60 days. The parties married in 1993. It was the second marriage for both. The husband, 65, had skin and kidney cancer and worked at General Motors, Stop & Shop and Burris. The wife, 65, had breast cancer and worked as a nurse's assistant. The wife was injured, collected $20,000 and used the money to improve the marital residence. The husband complained that the wife spent money secretly, and the wife maintained that the husband was controlling. The court ordered the husband to pay alimony of $200 per week, until the wife's death, marriage or April 5, 2023. The court ordered the husband to pay the wife $92,500 as a lump sum property distribution. If the husband fails to pay within 60 days, the court ordered the parties to sell the marital residence, which the husband purchased in 1991, and awarded the wife 55 percent of the net proceeds of sale. The court awarded each party accounts and investments. The court awarded the husband the Chevrolet and an extensive gun collection. The court awarded the wife the Buick, her doll collection and the dog.