An individual who allegedly sexually assaults his own children can be sentenced to 36 years in prison. The minor children allegedly informed the police and the Department of Children and Families that they had sexual intercourse with their father. One of the minor children allegedly became pregnant, gave birth and gave up the baby for adoption. A jury convicted the father of eight counts of second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. Superior Court Judge William Bright sentenced the father, Skender Mustafaj, to 60 years in prison, suspended after 36 years. The father's attorney, Dennis McMahon, requested a sentence reduction. The father denied that he sexually assaulted his own children. The state's attorney, Adam Scott, objected that the father refuses to accept responsibility for severely traumatizing his own children. The Sentence Review Division found that the father failed to prove his sentence was inappropriate or disproportionate. The father allegedly "has traumatized and violated his own children," wrote the Sentence Review Division, and he "has shown no remorse." The Sentence Review Division affirmed the sentence of 36 years.