A court can find one party at greater fault for the breakdown of the marital relationship, as a result of alleged extramarital affairs and lack of interest in reconciling with the other party. The parties married in September 1992 and have two children. Allegedly, the wife helped the husband to further his career. The court found the husband at greater fault for the breakdown of the marital relationship, because he allegedly engaged in extramarital affairs and was not interested in reconciling with the wife. The husband, 43, took courses in operating, installing and repairing heating and air conditioning equipment. Currently, he earns $1,587 gross per week. The wife, 46, earns $700 gross per week at Affiliated Foot and Ankle Surgeons. The court awarded joint legal custody, with primary residence with the wife. The court ordered the husband to pay child support of $253. The court ordered the husband to pay alimony of $150 per week, until the wife's death, marriage, cohabitation or April 17, 2023, whichever takes place first. The court ordered the parties, and the parties' friends and relatives, to refrain from criticizing the parents in the presence of the children. Absent a court order or the husband's agreement in writing, the wife may not relocate a distance of more than 30 miles with the minor children. The court ordered the parties to sell the marital residence and rental properties and to divide equally the net proceeds of sale. The court awarded each party accounts and investments. The court awarded the husband the Nissan and the wife the Lexus.