To prevail on a claim to revoke or reduce a public official or employee's pension, the Attorney General must prove that: 1.) the defendant served as a public official or state or municipal worker; and 2.) the defendant was convicted of or pled guilty or nolo contendere to a crime related to state or municipal office in state criminal or federal criminal court. Attorney General George Jepsen filed an action to revoke or reduce the pension benefits of the defendant, James Santorella, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §1-110a(a). The defendant admitted that he worked for the City of Stamford between June 1974 and May 2010. It was undisputed that the state charged the defendant with appropriating property from the City of Stamford and that the defendant pled guilty to first-degree larceny and paid $133,000 in restitution. First-degree larceny is a felony. The court rejected the defendant's claim that the City of Stamford may not have suffered any loss, because the money may not have belonged to the city. Attorney General Jepsen and the state proved that the defendant pled guilty to a crime related to state or municipal office, and the court granted the plaintiff's motion for summary judgment.