As reiterated in the 2009 Appellate Court case of Perez v. D & L Tractor Trailer School, "[it] is an appellant's duty to provide an adequate record for [the court's] review, including the transcript and an electronic version of the transcript." Following a trial to the court, Ronald Germain was convicted of the motor vehicle infractions of failure to comply with the passing on the right rule in violation of C.G.S. §14-233 and traveling unreasonably fast in violation of C.G.S. §14-218a. He appealed claiming that he was not guilty of those infractions and that there was no evidence, other than "he said, she said" to sustain his conviction. He also claimed that the trial judge was biased and would not let him present his evidence. Because the defendant failed to furnish the Appellate Court with transcripts of the prior proceedings, the Court was unable to examine the merits of the claims and affirmed the judgment. Without the transcripts, the Court was unable to discern what transpired in the prior proceedings or to conduct a meaningful review of the issues on appeal. It had no basis not to affirm the trial court's judgment.