An individual who is charged with conduct that aids a murder can be sentenced to 60 years in prison. The state charged the petitioner, Julio Rodriguez, with allegedly shooting a victim who was eating dinner in his kitchen, as part of a retaliation shooting that was related to gang activity. A jury convicted the petitioner of participating in conduct that aids a murder, in violation of Connecticut General Statutes §§53a-8(a) or 53a-54a. Judge Roland Fasano sentenced the petitioner to 50 years in prison. The petitioner's attorney, Robert Dwyer Jr., requested a sentence reduction to 25 years in prison and argued that the petitioner did not pull the trigger and he was only 19 years old at the time. The state's attorney, Cathy Austin, objected that the petitioner had a felony record and that the victim's murder was premeditated. The Sentence Review Division found that the sentence was not inappropriate or disproportionate. "The petitioner," wrote the Sentence Review Division, "participated in a well thought out execution" as "[t]he victim was eating dinner in his kitchen."