A court can fine a party $100 per day, if the party willfully refuses to comply with discovery requests. The parties married in June 1991. The husband, 49, earns $167,000 gross per year, as a supervisor at Dominion. The wife, 47, became a homemaker after she gave birth in 1992. In 2003, the parties adopted a boy who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and depression. In 2005, the parties adopted a girl with special needs and disruptive behavior. Eventually, the parties consented to the termination of their parental rights to her. Allegedly, the husband won $16,000 gambling and spent the money on a family vacation. The husband, who was responsible for managing the family's finances, allegedly started to spend as much as 30 percent of his gross income on gambling, which he claimed was his escape. The husband refused to produce win/loss statements in response to discovery requests. The court ordered a penalty of $100 per day, if the husband refused to comply with discovery. The parties sold the marital residence at a loss. The wife testified that she could not trust the husband, because he was dishonest about gambling. The court found the husband at greater fault for the breakdown of the marital relationship. The court awarded joint custody of the minor children, with primary custody with the wife. The court ordered the husband to pay child support of $355 per week. The court ordered the husband to pay the wife alimony of $650 per week, plus 35 percent of his bonus, until the wife's death, marriage, cohabitation or July 10, 2024, whichever takes place first. The court awarded 11 years of alimony, in part because the adopted son is very dependent. The court awarded each party accounts and investments. The court ordered the husband to pay $12,000 as a property settlement. The court awarded the wife the Dodge and the Town and Country motor vehicles, and the husband the Ford and Chrysler. The husband willfully refused to comply with court orders and the court ordered the husband to pay $9,900 as a sanction.