A court can find neither party at greater fault for the breakdown of the marital relationship, because one party experienced issues with anger, and the other party had a romantic relationship after the parties separated. The parties met on the Internet, when the wife resided in Canada, and married in 2002. The husband earns about $400 gross per week, working as a dealer at Foxwoods, and $160 gross per week, working for a relative, who owns Water's Edge Campground. The wife, a certified nurse's assistant, left nursing and worked at the campground until she argued with the then owner in 2007. The wife went to work at Foxwoods as a security officer and in retail, earning $10 to $12 per hour until she was discharged in 2012. The husband claimed that the marital relationship broke down because the wife argued with his relatives, prevented the husband from keeping in contact with his family and informed the husband it would be bad for their marriage if he had lunch with his child. The wife maintained that she discovered that the husband was texting another woman, and she called the other woman, who allegedly admitted that she and the husband had a sexual encounter in the hot tub. The wife allegedly took an axe to the hot tub and stole the husband's passport, Social Security card, birth certificate and work uniforms. During trial, the court ordered the parties to return personal property. The court found that the wife's anger and inability to cope substantially caused the breakdown of the marital relationship and that the husband's relationship after the parties separated was a contributing factor, because it made reconciliation less likely. Both parties are similarly situated in terms of earning ability and education, and the court did not award alimony. The court awarded the husband the marital residence and ordered the husband to pay the wife $5,000 within two months. The court awarded each party accounts and investments. The court awarded the wife the camper and the Chevrolet. The court awarded the husband the Chrysler van, the Toyota truck and the Harley Davidson.