Connecticut General Statutes §52-192a require that parties respond to offers of compromise within 30 days. In a motor-vehicle accident case, the plaintiffs filed an offer of compromise on July 24, 2013, and the defendants requested an extension of time, because discovery is ongoing. Connecticut Superior Courts are divided on whether extensions of time are permitted. In Lutynski v. B.B. and J. Trucking Inc., a 1993 decision, the Connecticut Appellate Court wrote, "The purpose of [the statute] is to encourage early, fair and reasonable settlements, and to encourage [parties] to make offers of [compromise] promptly." Public Act 05-275 reduced the acceptance period from 60 to 30 days. "This amendment," wrote the Superior Court, "confirms that prompt response is the essence of the statute." And, wrote the court, "early settlements unclog court dockets and save the participants time, money, and anxiety." The court denied the defendants' request for an extension in which to consider the plaintiffs' offer of compromise.