The Rooker-Feldman doctrine generally requires that federal courts abstain from considering claims, if: 1.) a plaintiff lost in state court; 2.) the plaintiff alleges injuries that result from the state court judgment; 3.) the plaintiff invites the federal court to review the state court judgment; and 4.) the state court judgment entered before the plaintiff filed a complaint in federal court. On Feb. 16, 2010, the Hartford Superior Court issued a judgment of strict foreclosure against the plaintiff. Superior Court Judge Antonio Robaina denied the plaintiff’s motion for an emergency stay, to open the judgment. In November 2013, the plaintiff filed an emergency motion for a stay in District Court. The plaintiff requests an order from the District Court to vacate the state court judgment and to enjoin the state court from enforcing the foreclosure judgment. The Rooker-Feldman doctrine bars the plaintiff’s protest against the state court foreclosure judgment. "[T]his Court must abstain from interference in the state foreclosure proceeding," wrote the District Court, "and Plaintiff’s emergency motion for injunctive relief is denied."