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2015 Litigation Departments of the Year

Practice might not always make perfect. But it makes for more successful litigation. That’s what we learned this year from the Connecticut Law Tribune’s annual Litigation Departments of the Year competition. In addition to a truly impressive array of legal victories achieved by our winning firms, the articles in this special section outline an array of techniques that the firms use to prepare themselves for trial.

Health Law

Inside the health law special section: achieving diversity in pharmaceutical clinical trials, cybersecurity compliance poses challenge for providers, new model for accountable care organizations, practical considerations for unifying medical staffs, state poised to expand telemedicine options, bystander distress claims permitted in med-mal suits, mitigating the risks of medical technology security, navigating health department disciplinary proceedings, and ruling restricts ability to challenge medicaid rates.

Employment & Immigration Law

Workplace theft, the NLRB's new work rules, when to settle wage claims, pregnancy discrimination, ERISA's equitable remedies provision, and liabilities of interns and volunteers – these are the topics discussed in the Employment and Immigration special section.

Intellectual Property, Patent & Trademark

Topics within the Intellectual Property, Patent and Trademark special section include: the first step in fighting cybersquatting, ‘Blurred Lines’ case reveals nuances in music copyright laws, patent litigation reform, anti-troll legislation, appellate panel is likely to thwart Supreme Court, copyright and contract law on the internet, and biosimilar applicants opt out of patent dance.

Land Use, Title Insurance & Environmental Law

The topics in the Land Use, Title Insurance, & Environmental Law supplement: EPA targets connecticut city for paint rule enforcement, congress considers chemical safety law update, cities have safe harbor from religious zoning law, massive reforms needed for state land use laws, transit planning, development policies go hand in hand, court ruling is excellent primer on zoning law, and debate continues over environmental hazard statute.

2015 Personal Injury Hall of Fame

The selection process for the Hall of Fame is uncomplicated. We broke personal injury law into a number of subcategories—ranging from general negligence to medical malpractice to intentional tort—and ranked the biggest verdicts or settlements reported to us in 2014.

Banking & Finance

The Banking and Finance section includes the following topics: marijuana-related businesses have difficult time accessing banking services, SEC insider trading policies: a critical look at SEC insider trading policies, and lenders keep class-action waivers,while consumers get due process protections.

Insurance Coverage & Bad-Faith Litigation

Topics within the Insurance and Bad-Faith Litigation section include: insurers and policy holders learn lessons from major weather events, obligations in multiple insurer cases, ERISA liability, uninsured motorist policy limit claim, coverage after policy lapses, and how to find the right cyberrisk insurance.

Forensic Accounting & Valuation Litigation

Some of the topics with in the forensic accounting and valuation litigation section: accounting experts serving as senior strategists, multifaceted financial experts can offer big boost to litigation team, courts exclude valuation testimony when analysis seems one-sided, experts examine impact of plaintiff's absence on business operations.

Employment & Immigration Law

Anti-discrimination laws can apply to workers who appear disabled, workers can't be reimbursed for insurance premiums, employees can ensure medical record privacy, scrutinizing workplace harassment settlements, unsettled pregnancy discrimination law issues, defamation charges being overlooked in employment suits, NLRB focused on e-mail and college athletes, and agencies and courts signal a new focus on civil right violations. These are the subjects discussed in the employment and immigration section.

Family Law

Some of the topics in the family law special section: conscious uncoupling, putting children's needs first, the legislature addressing alimony, a magna carta study, post-judgement alimony modification, and more.


2015 Forecast: A Look Ahead

The Law Tribune’s annual look at the year ahead in the legal arena is full of surprises. Drones are high on the defense bar’s list of concerns. A legislative Judiciary Committee chair ponders ways to boost the economy. A disability lawyer focuses on websites rather than wheelchairs. The bottom line for 2015: Expect the unexpected.


Employment and Immigration Law

Bullies, handbook words, feds intent to pursue gender identity cases, immigration and deportation – are just some of the hot topics discussed in the Employment and Immigration law section.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Inside the Alternative Dispute Resolution special section: Improved arbitration procedures can eliminate confusion, empathy in mediation, techniques to jump-start negotiations, agencies bridging the gap between state and private programs, correcting common misconceptions, and much more.


Product Liability & Toxic Tort

A burning issue: ruling in car fire case likely to have long-lasting impact, E-commerce may increase exposure – can work in manufacturers' favor, and proposed rule changes could allow corporations to hide evidence. These topics are discussed in the product liability and toxic tort special section.

Insurance Coverage & Bad Faith Litigation

Some of the topics covered in the Insurance Coverage & Bad-Faith Litigation section include: cybercoverage debate takes center stage, Connecticut capturing captive insurers, contractors shouldn’t hesitate to make claims, ruling addresses prejudice issue in late-notice claims, D&O policies cover defense of government probes, pleadings issue may lead to practice book, and decision allows insurers to sue each other.

Medical Malpractice

Our Medical Malpractice section is filled with a variety of topics, including articles on tracking electronic alterations to medical records, the ticking of med-mal statutes of limitations, and searching health records for valuable evidence.

Construction and Energy Law

Bringing wind energy to Connecticut, contracts for renewable energy projects, drilling insurance issues due to oil spill, who bears the blame for construction delays, balancing energy policy with environmental justice, carbon release limits opposed by utilities, state incentive to boost natural gas use, controversial building contract clauses – these are just some of the topics within the Construction and Energy Law section.

Employment and Immigration Law

Some of the topics included in our Employment and Immigration section include: McDonald's case could affect many franchises, why should on-the-job injuries trump pregnancy, foreign entrepreneurs have visa options, NLRB takes pro-union slant to extremes, personnel file law can trip up employers, business try to sidestep ACA mandate, wage and hour disputes lead to class action, and businesses must be 'interactive' under ADA.

Intellectual Property

The Food & Drug Administration has taken a key step toward expanding the use of generic drugs based on biologically derived agents such as viruses and blood products. Recent court decisions have created uncertainty in copyright fair use cases. And there’s a new legal weapon out there to fight online cybersquatters. Read articles about these and other topics in the Connecticut Law Tribune’s Intellectual Property special section.

Employment Law

Be careful of watercooler whispering -- defamatory statements need not be widely broadcast to be actionable. Plus, a look at what's in store for employers as medical marijuana laws continue to undergo change, and a checklist for conducting business across state lines.