Most Recent Special Sections

Structured Settlements & Litigation Financing

The Law Tribune’s Structured Settlements & Litigation Financing section includes articles about nonqualified structured settlements, the Gawker suit, and a New Jersey opinion that is making waves.

Employment & Immigration Law

The Law Tribune's Employment & Immigration Law section includes articles about employee benefits, employment rights of military service members, the white-collar exemption, and other topics.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In the Law Tribune's alternative dispute resolution special section, articles focus on judicial settlement efforts versus private mediation, pre-suit mediation, negotiation and other topics.


In the Law Tribune’s insurance special section, articles focus on summary judgment rules, a smelly covered loss, GCL policies and other topics.

Family Law

Articles in this Connecticut Law Tribune special report look at early mediation, confidentiality, college savings and alimony, among other topics.

New Leaders in the Law

The judges have spoken. And the Connecticut Law Tribune is proud to announce its New Leaders in the Law for 2015.

Medical Malpractice

In the Law Tribune’s Medical-Malpractice special section, articles focus on bringing wrongful death cases against nursing homes, the idea of removing med-mal cases from the regular court system, overcoming “damage-reduction defenses” put up by defendant doctors and cracking down on false testimony by expert witnesses.

Employment Law

2015 Legal Departments of the Year

Just like law firms, corporate legal departments—and their nonprofit organization counterparts—come in all sizes. And all have their own unique strengths. LEGO has mastered intellectual property litigation, knowing exactly when to pursue other companies who sell knock-off plastic blocks. Gartner Inc. knows how to pick a diverse group of lawyers so as to best provide technology research for private companies and governmental agencies all over the world. For more insight into how some of the state’s most successful in-house staffs take care of business, look inside to read our articles on Connecticut Legal Departments of the Year.

2015 Connecticut Supreme Court Year in Review

For the past 12 months, attorneys have taken note of some harsh words exchanged by Connecticut Supreme Court justices. But as the new court terms begins, our panel of expert authors digs deep into some of the major cases decided in the past year, with topics ranging from the death penalty to disability discrimination and alimony adjustments to questions of standing in land use cases.

Personal Injury Litigation

Inside the personal injury litigation section: digital evidence in personal injury cases, taxes on personal injury awards often misunderstood, and injury victims gouged for requesting medical records.

Business Litigation

Topics in the business litigation special section: apportioning fault in business tort actions, attaching the assets of out-of-state defendants, solving disputes through hybrid adr, enforcing prelitigation mediation clauses in state court, and possible pitfalls of contractual choice of law provisions.

Employment & Immigration Law

Some of the topics in the employment and immigration supplement: Supreme Court case could slow cash flow to public employee unions, interns are entitled to ‘fair day’s pay’, the Supreme Court of stability?, drawing the line between intern and employee, using independent medical exams for employees, rule will restrict scope of white-collar ot exemption, the muddled law on ‘english only’ rules, and federal court decision thwarts immigration initiatives.

Construction & Energy Law

The topics inside the construction and energy supplement: new law allows landlords to monitor each tenants’ electric usage, new law levels playing field for state contractors, contracts enforced and claims barred, aaa streamlines construction arbitration rules, site safety and protecting the public, unintended consequences and the c-pace program, venturing into virtual and community net metering, and dispute illustrates ‘substantial performance’ doctrine.