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Employment Law

Be careful of watercooler whispering -- defamatory statements need not be widely broadcast to be actionable. Plus, a look at what's in store for employers as medical marijuana laws continue to undergo change, and a checklist for conducting business across state lines.

Health Law Special Section

Our health law package is filled with a variety of topics, including articles on medical marijuana dispensaries, data breaches, and HIPAA breaches.

Litigation Departments Of The Year 2014

What you will likely find most interesting in the articles on the following pages is the incredible array of cases handled by Connecticut firms—an intellectual property case involving a dental manufacturer's patent, an employment law case involving racial slurs, and financial litigation involving allegedly misled investors, to name but a few. If you want to learn just a little more about a practice area that's not your own, this is a painless way to do it.

Intellectual Property Section

Music sharing lawsuits, trade secrets and patent reform, and new options for challenging patents are just some of the topics in our IP section below.

Land Use And Environmental Law Section

Take a look at our Land Use And Environmental Law section. You will find articles on Clean Water Act jurisdiction, the end of flexible zoning as we know it, health care facility zoning and more.

ADR Special Section

Our ADR Special Section includes articles on topics like mediating personal injury cases, answers to basic ADR questions and on the habits of highly effective litigators.

Forensic Accounting Section

Our forensic accounting articles - on topics ranging from fraud prevention and detection to rental real estate investments - are below.

Insurance Law Section

Our insurance law stories - that include articles on protection of personal information and assessing cyberrisk coverage - are below.

Employment And Immigration Law Section

Our stories focus on such hot topics as employer social media investigations, whether severance pay is taxable and the medical marijuana law.

Elder Law Section

Check our our elder law stories, below, which focus on a variety of issues, including: life insurance, tax law changes and how loved ones can be held liable for nursing facility debts.

Forecast 2014: Top Lawyers Look Ahead To The Coming Year

Top lawyers look ahead to the coming year. Check out our stories below. Articles range from criminal sentencing issues to immigration reform and education law issues.

Employment and Immigration Law Package

Our Employment and Immigration Law Package contains articles on how employees are using social media to learn about lawsuits, dress code and appearance standards, and maintaining a green card while working abroad.