A court may consider the amount of hours spent, the rate charged, the amount in controversy, the complexity of legal issues and the reasonableness of the attorneys' fees when it awards compensation for attorneys' fees. In March 2013, the plaintiffs, Qin Qi Shi and Shi Restaurant, alleged breach of a contract to sell business assets and a lease, and were awarded judgment in the amount of $2,611 against the defendants, Sarajevo 84 LLC and Skender Cirikovic. The plaintiffs moved for attorneys' fees pursuant to the contract. The plaintiffs' attorneys requested compensation for 48 hours of legal services at the rate of $225 per hour. The defendant did not object to the hourly rate, which the court approved. The defendant objected that the plaintiffs were not entitled to recover attorneys' fees for work performed for another plaintiff, Anthony Sereslis Realty, which did not prevail on the allegation that the defendants failed to pay a broker's commission. The court found that the plaintiffs' attorney was not entitled to compensation for two hours that the attorney spent on a request to revise and the amendment of a complaint for another plaintiff, Anthony Sereslis Realty. The court agreed with the defendant that the legal issues in the plaintiffs' complaint were not particularly novel or complex, and it awarded attorneys' fees of $5,717, plus costs of $1,057 (which did not include costs for Lexis research).