A chair, who is acting as a treasurer, and who allegedly does not provide an itemized accounting of each unpaid expense and  terminates the committee, without paying a debt, can violate Connecticut General Statutes §9-608. The complainants filed a complaint against Daniel McCabe, the chairman of a political committee known as Responsible Republican Leadership. McCabe allegedly failed to amend the committee's registration statement, in violation of C.G.S. §9-605(c), after the committee's treasurer, Michael Totilo, resigned in March 2012. "Respondent should have filed an amended registration statement of the Committee," wrote the State Elections Enforcement Commission, "after Mr. Totilo's attempted resignation as treasurer." Although it was Totilo's responsibility to properly file his resignation, pursuant to C.G.S. §9-602(c), it appeared that he made a good-faith effort when he delivered his resignation to McCabe to file in the town clerk's office. C.G.S. §9-608 requires "an itemized accounting of each expense incurred but not paid." In an April 2012 finance disclosure statement, the committee disclosed it spent $4,202 for direct mail marketing. In July 2012, the committee filed a "termination" statement, without indicating it had paid the $4,202. The State Elections Enforcement Commission found that McCabe should not have filed the termination statement until the committee paid the $4,202, and he should have filed supplemental statements, to continue to indicate the status of the debt, until the debt had been paid. Chairman McCabe agreed to settle the complaint without admitting any willful wrongdoing. Although he has no prior history, as a practicing attorney, he is considered a sophisticated individual for purposes of campaign finances. The respondent violated C.G.S. §9-608, and the State Elections Enforcement Commission ordered the respondent to pay $300.