• New Haven J.D., at New Haven
  • CV09-5029588S
  • Jan 07 2014 (Date Decided)
  • Corradino, J.T.R.

The plaintiff, David Skoczylas, alleged that the defendants unexpectedly and violently beat him on May 13, 2007, and he broke bones in his face, chipped his teeth and injured his ankle. Photos of the plaintiff indicated abrasions and lacerations. The plaintiff may require crowns and a root canal. At a hearing in damages, after one of the defendants defaulted, the plaintiff testified that he continues to experience difficulty breathing when he exercises, because he broke his nose, as well as pain in his ankle and difficulty relating to other individuals. The plaintiff’s medical expenses were $4,700 and his loss of wages was $480. Collateral sources paid the medical expenses. The court awarded economic damages in the amount of $480 and non-economic damages, for pain and suffering, in the amount of $42,000. The court also awarded costs in the amount of $412.