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Law Tribune Announces New Leaders of Law Award Winners for 2015

The judges have spoken and the Connecticut Law Tribune is proud to announce its New Leaders of the Law for 2015. For the first time, we recruited members of the legal community to rate our nominees. Our desire was to get a fresh perspective on exactly what traits and achievements enable attorneys who are under 40 years old to rise above their peers.

Joshua Koskoff

Federal Judge Orders Newtown Families' Suit Against Gunmaker Returned to State Court

By Law Tribune Staff |

One matter that attorneys for the Sandy Hook School massacre victims and counsel for the gun industry have agreed upon is that the venue for the wrongful death claim filed against the makers of an assault-style rifle used in the shooting is critical to the fate of the litigation. Now plaintiffs' attorneys are claiming a procedural victory as a federal judge in Connecticut has ordered the lawsuit moved back to state court, where it was originally filed.

Arbitrator Awards $7.8M To Investors Who Alleged Theft By Private Equity Fund


A private arbitrator has awarded $7.8 million to private equity fund investors and their lawyers in a bitter dispute between involving two Stamford-based companies.

James Sullivan

Lawsuits Claim Schools Failed to Respond to Bullying Complaints

By Megan Spicer |

By February 2014, Alexis-Mae Hannigan claims, she had been bullied so much by classmates at Holy Trinity School in Wallingford that she was driven to cut herself with a razor. When she and her mother complained to school administrators and a priest about the alleged mistreatment, they were told Hannigan was "too sensitive" and "a sinner."

Conn. Supreme Court Reinforces Protections for Corporate Whistleblowers


Employees who report improper conduct by their company could enjoy greater protection from possible retaliation following a ruling by the Connecticut Supreme Court.

Rachel Baird

Man Convicted of Threatening Conn. Judge Via Email

By Michelle Tuccitto Sullo |

A Cromwell man unhappy about his divorce proceedings has been convicted of threatening a judge through statements made in an email.

Jan Trendowski

In Defense Verdict, Bar Judged Not Liable for Parking Garage Attack

By Christian Nolan |

A Stamford jury has rendered a defense verdict in the case of a man who was assaulted in a parking garage by four men who were served alcohol at a nearby bar. The victim of the attack unsuccessfully tried to hold the bar responsible under the state's dram shop statute.

Conn. Attorney Sentenced to 14 Months in Prison for Mortgage Fraud

By Michelle Tuccitto Sullo |

A Stamford attorney has been sentenced to 14 months in federal prison for his role in a mortgage fraud scheme that caused lenders to lose more than $8 million.

Editorial: Conn. Desperately Needs Drone Legislation

We previously have highlighted the importance of drone regulation in Connecticut and urged the General Assembly to act.

Mark Dubois

ABA Is Latest Player in $5 Legal Services Market

By Mark Dubois |

I recently wrote about, the website selling goods and services, including legal writing and advice, in $5 increments. Now there is a new player in the $5 legal services market, the American Bar Association. Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!

Norm Pattis: Police Departments Should Be Held Liable for Shootings

As of Oct. 5, 754 people, or almost three people per day, were shot to death by police officers in the United States in 2015. This information was not compiled by a law enforcement agency, although it easily could have been. Instead, The Washington Post has been gathering the data and posting it daily on its website. You can find the tally by googling "Washington Post police shootings."

Medical Firm to Pay Conn. $3.5 Million to Settle Alleged Medicare Violations

By Christian Nolan |

A medical business that assists patients with kidney disease has reached a settlement of more than $3.5 million with federal officials in Connecticut to resolve allegations that it falsely billed the Medicare health care program.