Verdicts & Settlements

Prep School Sex Abuse Suit Ends With $500,000 Settlement

By Christian Nolan |

A man who claims he was repeatedly sexually abused by a faculty member of a Western Massachusetts prep school has settled a federal lawsuit in Connecticut for $500,000.

Glenn Formica

Woman's Fall on Sidewalk Leads to $416,000 Verdict

By Christian Nolan |

A woman who fell and broke her arm on a Bridgeport sidewalk has been awarded more than $416,000 by a Superior Court jury.

Skull Fracture From Fight Leads to $140,000 Verdict

By Christian Nolan |

A fight between neighbors resulted in a fractured skull, a lawsuit and most recently, a $140,000 verdict in New London Superior Court.

Appellate Court Rejects UConn Health Worker's Discrimination Claim

By Christian Nolan |

A discrimination lawsuit filed against the University of Connecticut Health Center by a former employee with a back injury has been dismissed. The latest ruling in the case came from the state Appellate Court, which upheld a workers' compensation commissioner's decision to toss the case.

Student Awarded $40K Following Scissors Injury


A New Haven student who received a permanent facial injury when he was 11 years old was awarded more than $40,000 after a Superior Court judge found one of the city's magnet schools was negligent.

Mark Kochanowicz

Plaintiff's Neck Injury, Wedding Plan Delay Lead to $200,000 Verdict

By Christian Nolan |

A woman who injured her neck in a car accident has been awarded $206,000 by a jury in Rockville. A key issue in the case was whether a fracture discovered in the plaintiff's neck was preexisting or was caused by the crash. Even her doctor was unsure.

College Football Player's Family Awarded $2 Million After Fatal Crash

By Christian Nolan |

A Hartford judge has awarded $2 million to the estate of a Central Connecticut State University student who was killed in an accident on the Charter Oak Bridge in 2011.

Real Estate Firm That Enforced No-Children Rule Settles Discrimination Claim

By Christian Nolan |

A woman who claims she was discriminated against during her housing search because she is a parent will receive $65,000 following a settlement agreement between a real estate company and the Connecticut Fair Housing Center.

Driver Helping Disabled Vehicle Settles for $1 Million After Merritt Parkway Crash

By Christian Nolan |

A man who suffered 13 bone fractured when his car was rear-ended as he and friends helped a disabled vehicle on the Merritt Parkway has settled his lawsuit for just over $1 million.

Kelly Reardon

Couple Recover $900,000 for Injuries in Rear-End Collision

By Christian Nolan |

A husband and a wife from Quaker Hill will split a $900,000 settlement to be paid by a trucking company as a result of an accident on Interstate 95.

From left: Lenny Isaac, Henry Shook and Jim Nugent

World War II Vet Collects $1.8 Million After Red-Light Running Accident

By Christian Nolan |

An 89-year-old World War II veteran has been awarded nearly $1.8 million by a Hartford jury after breaking both hips when another driver allegedly ran a red light and hit his vehicle.

Nurse Collects $500,000 After Employer Violated Family Leave Law


A nurse has been awarded more than $500,000 after a federal court jury found that her former employee violated the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Plaintiff Collects $386,000 After Botched Vasectomy

By Christian Nolan |

A man who went in for a routine vasectomy but instead ended up losing a testicle has been awarded more than $386,000 by a Hartford judge after suing the state and the University of Connecticut Health Center.

Conn.-Based Bank Settles Claim That It Discriminated Against Deaf Customers


The U.S. Attorney's Office and Waterbury-based Webster Bank have reached a settlement in an Americans with Disabilities Act dispute stemming from a complaint by a deaf customer.

Kimberly Sudnick of the Haymond Law Firm in Hartford

Crash Victim Collects Surprising $1.4M in 'Conservative' Judicial District

By Christian Nolan |

A woman who was involved in a head-on car crash and sustained multiple injuries, including a severely fractured wrist and several herniated discs, has been awarded $1.4 million by a jury in Litchfield County.

William Bloss

Couple Injured by Drunk Driver Win $1.3 Million Verdict

By Christian Nolan |

Injured Car Passenger Collects $200,000 in Claim Against Bar

By Christian Nolan |

A woman who was seriously injured in a car accident has been awarded nearly $200,000 by a Hartford jury after suing the bar she claims served alcohol to her noticeably intoxicated friend.

Woman Settles Lawsuit For $250,000 After Severe Dog Bite

By Christian Nolan |

A woman who was bitten on the hand by her neighbor's dog and required surgery to repair torn away skin has settled with the animal's owners for $250,000.

Jury box..Photo by Jason Doiy.2-9-11.054-2011

Federal Jury Clears Two Officers in Excessive Force Case

By Christian Nolan |

Woman Injured By Loose Jackhammer Settles for $485,000

By Christian Nolan |

A woman who injured her neck after a jackhammer skidded across the roadway and struck her car has settled her lawsuit for nearly half a million dollars.

Gary Mayerson

Family Awarded $100,000 in School Abuse Verdict

By Megan Spicer |

A federal jury recently ruled against a former Darien special education aide accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old student with Down syndrome in 2009.

Eric Stockman

Hospital, Doctor Prevail Against $7 Million Wrongful Death Claim

By Christian Nolan |

A Stamford jury has rendered a defense verdict in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Stamford Hospital and one of its doctors after a 44-year-old man died of a bacterial infection. The plaintiffs had sought $7 million in damages.

Kelly Reardon

Updated: Settlement Forged Just Before Trial in Priest Abuse Case

By Christian Nolan |

A Massachusetts woman who claims she was sexually abused by a priest in Norwich over the course of her entire childhood has settled her lawsuit against the diocese for $1.1 million.

Hospital Settles ADA Complaint By Hearing-Impaired Patient

By Christian Nolan |

A Hartford area hospital and the federal government have settled a dispute after a hearing-impaired patient reported that the hospital wasn't providing the necessary services to ensure adequate communication between the patient and staff.

Kelly Reardon

Norwich Priest Abuse Lawsuit Results in $1.1 Million Settlement

By Christian Nolan |

A Massachusetts woman who claims she was sexually abused by a priest in Norwich has settled her lawsuit against the Diocese of Norwich for $1.1 million.

John Naizby

Fall From Fitness Device Nets $750,000 Settlement for Gym Member

By Christian Nolan |

A woman who broke her hip and wrist while working with a personal trainer at Planet Fitness has settled her lawsuit for $750,000.

Woman Injured On Gym’s Exercise Device Collects $750,000 Settlement

By Christian Nolan |

A woman who broke her hip and wrist while working with a personal trainer at Planet Fitness has settled her lawsuit for $750,000.

Conn. To Share In Pharmaceutical Kickback Settlement

By Christian Nolan |

A global pharmaceutical company has agreed to a $39 million settlement with the federal government and 49 states, including Connecticut, over allegations that its executives paid kickbacks to induce physicians to prescribe drugs.

John Horvack Jr.

$25 Million Settlement Ends Conn. Company's Trade Secrets Dispute

By Christian Nolan |

A Waterbury company that makes specialty chemicals will collect $25 million settlement in a complex case involving allegedly stolen trade secrets and phony stock bids, its second huge litigation-related award this year.

Motorist With Neck, Back Injuries Settles for $100,000

By Christian Nolan |

A man whose vehicle was sideswiped on a highway in Stamford, leaving him with an injured neck and back, has settled his lawsuit for $100,000.

Injured Driver Settles for $1.8 Million After Car Is 'Accordian Sandwiched'

By Christian Nolan |

A man who was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer while driving on Interstate 84 in Connecticut has settled his federal lawsuit against the rig's driver and the trucking company for $1.8 million.

Brutal Baseball Bat Attack Results in $113,000 Verdict

By Christian Nolan |

A man who was assaulted by his girlfriend's stepfather with a baseball bat has been awarded more than $113,000.

Colt Executives Settle Multimillion-Dollar Employment Suit

By Christian Nolan |

Two former top executives for Colt's Manufacturing Co. have settled their multimillion-dollar wrongful termination claims against their former employer in a case that hinged on the validity of secretly drafted severance agreements.

Stephen Fitzgerald

Pilot Wins $400,000 After Ex-Employer Badmouthed Him to Another Airline

By Christian Nolan |

The state Appellate Court has upheld a $407,000 damages award to a Connecticut aviator who claimed his former employer maliciously prevented him from getting a job with another airline.

Pilot Settles Excessive Force Suit Against Officer for $130,000

By Christian Nolan |

Timur Andiric v. Josh Kyle: An airline pilot who claims he was injured when a New Haven police officer used excessive force on him at a bar has settled his lawsuit against the officer for $130,000.

Ryan Veilleux

Contractor Who Broke Ankle at Condo Walks Away With $112,000

By Christian Nolan |

A general contractor who broke his ankle while walking around at a condominium complex won a $149,000 verdict following a bench trial. However, the contractor was judged to be 25 percent at fault, leaving him with $112,000.

Fatal Crash Involving School Bus Results in $1.23 Million Settlement

By Christian Nolan |

The estate of a man who was killed when his motorcycle collided with a school bus has settled a lawsuit with the bus driver's employer for $1,225,000.

Woman Settles for $6 Million After Crash That Left Her in Coma

By Christian Nolan |

A woman who was spent months in the hospital following a head-on car collision that claimed the life of the other driver has settled her lawsuit for just over $6 million.

Conn. Collects $110,000 in Web Browser Privacy Settlement

By Christian Nolan |

A digital advertising company accused of unlawfully circumventing the privacy settings in Apple Inc.'s Safari web browser has reached a $750,000 settlement with several states, including Connecticut.

Medical Worker Wins $139,000 Verdict For Crash Injuries

By Christian Nolan |

A woman who was rear-ended and injured her neck turned down a $7,000 offer to settle her lawsuit and was rewarded with a jury verdict in Hartford of nearly $139,000.

Waterbury Company Gets Nearly $28 Million in Punitives in IP Case

By Christian Nolan |

A U.S. District Court judge in Connecticut has awarded a Waterbury-based printing business what plaintiffs lawyers believe is the largest punitive damages award in the state's history.

Updated: $5 Million Settlement Not the End of Fatal Fire Case

By Christian Nolan |

A contractor who accidentally caused a fire at a Stamford home that killed three girls and two of their grandparents on Christmas 2011 has agreed to settle part of a wrongful-death lawsuit.

Quinnipiac Criticizes U.S. Attorney Following $32,000 ADA Settlement

By Christian Nolan |

The federal government has reached a $32,000 settlement agreement with Quinnipiac University to resolve allegations that the school violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when placing a student who had been diagnosed with depression on a mandatory medical leave of absence without first considering other options.

Crash Victim Turns $12,000 Settlement Offer into $75,000 Verdict

By Christian Nolan |

A woman who injured her neck in a rear-end collision during a snow storm was recently awarded $75,000 by a Derby jury.

Plaintiff Collects $450,000 After 40-Foot Plunge From Tree

By Christian Nolan |

A man who fell out of a friend's tree while attempting to cut branches has settled his lawsuit against his pal for $450,000.

UPS Delivery Person Gets $1.1 Million After Driveway Fall

By Christian Nolan |

A United Postal Service delivery person who was unable to work again after injuring an ankle on a customer's icy driveway has settled his lawsuit for $1.1 million.

Attorney's First Trial Results in Nearly $100,000 Verdict

By Christian Nolan |

David Walsh Jr. v. Peerless Insurance Co.: A high school girls' soccer coach who was permanently injured in a car accident was recently awarded $99,000 by a New London jury.

Steven Errante

Tree-Cutting Mishap Results in $1 Million Settlement

By Christian Nolan |

A man who fell 25 feet or more from a ladder while trying to trim tree branches, shattering vertebrae in his back, has recovered $1 million from the people who asked him to do the work.

Paul Slager and Jennifer Goldstein

Conn. Sex Abuse Case Puts Spotlight on Boy Scouts' 'Confidential Files'

By Christian Nolan |

Dozens of civil lawsuits are pending against the Boy Scouts of America across the country, many of them alleging sexual abuse by scout leaders decades ago. Few such cases have gone to trial before a jury.

Jury Awards $7 Million to Former Boy Scout Who Alleged Sex Abuse

By Christian Nolan |

A jury in Waterbury has awarded $7 million to a former Connecticut Boy Scout who claims he was sexually abused by his troop leader and an older scout in the mid-1970s.

Leonard Lesser

Jury Rejects Security Guard’s Claim After Deer Cause Accident

By Christian Nolan |

A Danbury jury has ruled that a local business was not liable for the alleged injuries suffered by a security officer who crashed into a light pole in its parking lot.

Timothy Corey

Owners of Leaky Luxury Condos Get $5.3 Million Arbitration Award

By Christian Nolan |

Water problems in a high-end condominium complex built on a former industrial site on Stonington Harbor led to a long-running legal dispute between residents and architects after water began leaking into the condos.

Stephen Murphy

Ruling Limits Homeowner Liability for Clearing Snowy Sidewalks

By Christian Nolan |

The Connecticut Supreme Court has upheld a trial judge's decision to toss out an injured Enfield woman's lawsuit against a neighbor whom the woman said was responsible for shoveling snow and ice on the public sidewalk near their home.

Xavier Pryor

Bike Rider Awarded $800,000 After Collision With Pickup

By Christian Nolan |

A man who injured his back after his bicycle collided with a pickup truck was recently awarded nearly $800,000 by a Hartford jury.

Second Circuit Rules Against Police in Dog Killing Case

By Christian Nolan |

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has ruled that Hartford police officers violated the constitutional rights of a family when they entered their yard without a warrant and shot a large Saint Bernard dog in front of a 12-year-old girl.

Stamford Company Loses Trade Secrets Lawsuit

By Christian Nolan |

A Waterbury judge has determined that an employee at a company that made corporate training products did not steal trade secrets from his former employer, which runs a similar enterprise.

Andrew Ryan and Chad A. Dever

Tools for Challenging Patents Grow in Popularity

By Andrew Ryan and Chad A. Dever |

Sept. 16 marked the two-year anniversary of the implementation of the America Invents Act (AIA), which introduced multiple new tools for challenging the validity of issued patents at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Russian Billionaire Prevails in Conn. Lawsuit Alleging Wife Beatings

By Christian Nolan |

A Russian billionaire who was sued by his ex-wife who claimed that he beat her on numerous occasions was vindicated in a defense verdict rendered by a Waterbury Superior Court jury.

Bank Settles Data Breach Case with Conn.

By Christian Nolan |

TD Bank has agreed to pay an $850,000 settlement with nine states, including Connecticut, to resolve an investigation into a 2012 data breach that affected thousands of consumers.

Trucking Company Loses $7.3 Million Wrongful Death Suit

By Christian Nolan |

A Hartford jury has awarded nearly $7.3 million to the estate of a state Department of Transportation supervisor who was killed while working on Route 8 near Waterbury in 2012.

Conn. Construction Company Appeals $16 Million Verdict

By Christian Nolan |

A Connecticut construction company on the hook for a nearly $16 million verdict in Pennsylvania is planning to appeal, according to a company spokeswoman.

Accident Leaves Plaintiff With 10 Cracked Ribs and $252,000

By Christian Nolan |

A man who suffered 10 cracked ribs and a concussion, and also aggravated preexisting neck and back injuries, was recently awarded nearly $252,500 by a judge trial referee.

Frank Bartlett Jr

Injured Woman Gets $115,000 After Bridgeport Crash

By Christian Nolan |

A woman who injured her neck, back and leg in a car accident in Bridgeport was recently awarded $115,000 by a Bridgeport jury.

Conn. Collects $388,000 in Settlement with Drug Company

By Christian Nolan |

A Pennsylvania-based pharmaceutical company accused of improperly marketing drugs, including the popular attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medication Adderall, has agreed to pay the federal government and states nationwide a total of $56.5 million.

Judge Scolds Insurer for Arson Allegations, Upholds Homeowner's $1.5 Million Verdict

By Christian Nolan |

A Superior Court judge has added $76,000 to a recent $1.5 million jury verdict in the case of a man who sued his insurance company for failing to cover his losses after his home caught fire.

Waterbury Company Wins Another IP Case Against DuPont

By Christian Nolan |

A federal jury in Connecticut awarded a Waterbury-based printing business $35.4 million in a hotly contested intellectual property battle that focused on printing words on product packaging.

Stamford-Based Radio Show Settles Federal Allegations for $146,000

By Christian Nolan |

A radio show host and his Stamford-based syndicated science radio show that airs on many National Public Radio stations have agreed to pay nearly $146,000 to settle civil claims that they misused money from a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

Don Swift

Woman Injured by Red-Light Runner Gets $672,500

By Christian Nolan |

A woman who sustained back injuries and needed surgery after a car ran a red light and crashed into her pickup truck has settled her lawsuit for $672,500.

Robert Reardon

Settlement Leads To Rehab of Once 'Repulsive' Public Housing Complex

By Amaris Elliott-Engel |

One lawyer's foray into a class action over public housing in New London started with a slip-and-fall case and ended with an unusual settlement that will see a Superior Court judge overseeing apartment complex renovations.

Domino's Pizza Driver Crash Delivers $1.6 Million Settlement

By Jay Stapleton |

A former Storrs resident has settled for $1.6 million her lawsuit against a Domino's Pizza driver who plowed into the car she was riding in.

Conn. Firm Pays $1.3 Million After Retractable Dog Leash Malfunctions

By Jay Stapleton |

A building contractor who lost the vision in one eye after a retractable dog leash recoiled and struck his face has settled his product liability lawsuit against a Connecticut company for $1.3 million.

Benjamin Ancona

Couple Wins $309,000 in Dog Attack Lawsuit

By Christian Nolan |

A Newington couple who were attacked by a pair of angry bullmastiff dogs was awarded $309,000 following a bench trial recently.

Mark Carta

Federal Court Awards Ex-IBM Employee $3.71 Million

By Christian Nolan |

A federal magistrate judge in Connecticut has awarded $3.71 million to a former IBM executive who claims he was wrongly terminated because of his age, with the total including nearly $1 million in attorney fees.

David Golas

Exiled Computer Company President Wins $1 Million Verdict

Robert Majewicz and Gene Kasica started a business together more than 20 years ago.

Ticket Reseller Settles Government Claims for $1.4 Million

By Christian Nolan |

The state alleges that TicketNetwork falsely created the impression that its websites were "officially" authorized to sell tickets for concerts and sporting events at face value.

Jose Offerman

Bridgeport Baseball Brawl Leads to $940,000 Verdict for Injured Catcher

By Christian Nolan |

A federal jury in Bridgeport has awarded $940,000 to a former minor league catcher who claimed he was struck in the head with a baseball bat by former Major League all-star Jose Offerman.

Kelly Reardon

Injured Harley-Davidson Rider To Collect $1.3 Million

By Christian Nolan |

A Plainfield man who went out for a motorcycle ride on an unusually warm December day and then crashed into a backhoe that turned in front of him has collected $1.3 million in a settlement.

Attorney Faces Prison Term In Tax Law Case

By Law Tribune Staff |

A Woodbridge attorney has pleaded guilty to failure to pay about $400,000 in federal income taxes and faces up to six years in prison.

Woman Collects $2.6 Million After Run-in with Big Dog

By Christian Nolan |

A woman whose leg was snapped into four pieces by a large dog that ran into her at a dog park has been awarded nearly $2.6 million by a state jury in Stamford.

Keith Trantolo

Motorcycle Rider Settles Crash Lawsuit for $465,000

By Christian Nolan |

A man on a motorcycle who suffered multiple injuries after crashing into a car that pulled in front of him in Middletown has recovered $465,000 in a settlement.

Box-Cutter Attack Results In $468,000 Verdict


Loretta Cooper v. India Fitzpatrick: A woman who was attacked with a box-cutting tool and left with permanent scars all over her face was recently awarded more than $468,000 by a state judge in Bridgeport.

Taser Excessive Force Case Ends in Defense Verdict


Gregg Marchand v. Erik Simonson: A federal court jury in New Haven has rendered a defense verdict in the case of a man who claims police used excessive force when subduing him with a Taser at his home in front of his elderly mother.

Stamford Bank Settles Bias Claim for $169 Million


United States v. Synchrony Bank: Stamford-based GE Capital Retail Bank, which changed its name to Synchrony Bank in June, has agreed to pay $169 million to settle claims that it discriminated against Hispanic credit card customers.

Stamford Bank Settles Bias Claim for $169 Million


United States v. Synchrony Bank: Stamford-based GE Capital Retail Bank, which changed its name to Synchrony Bank in June, has agreed to pay $169 million to settle claims that it discriminated against Hispanic credit card customers.

Former Wall Street Exec Beats Arson Accusation, Collects $1.5 Million


C. Andrew Riley is a former Wall Street executive who purchased an ornate Victorian home in the Windham County town of Pomfret after his honeymoon 31 years ago. One day in February 2009, a fire broke out in the room where Riley stored family photos and mementos from his career. In addition, his wife had just received a $30,000 bonus check from her employer. That, too, was reduce to ash. In fact, much of the home's interior sustained extensive damage.

Woman Collects $2.75 Million In Sex Abuse Case


Dawn Andalora v. Joseph Falanga: A woman who as a child was sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend was awarded $2.75 million by a state court jury in Willimantic.

FedEx Settles Conn. Class Action For $2 Million


Michael Bozak and William Lawson v. FedEx Ground Package System Inc.: A class action suit brought by employees of Fed­Ex, who claim the company did not pay them overtime wages they were entitled to, has settled for $2 million.

Merritt Parkway Accident Suit Settles For $1.7 Million


John Coccomo, III v. Robert Tyndall: A man who was rear-ended on the Merritt Parkway has settled his lawsuit for $1.67 million after suffering ankle and back injuries that required several surgeries.

Warehouse Store Mishap Leads To $1.18 Million Settlement


Dimitrios Magriplis, et al v. Restaurant Depot LLC; RD America LLC, et al.: A soccer player from Greece who moved to Connecticut and was injured when a 200-pound pallet fell on his head at a Restaurant Depot warehouse store has settled his lawsuit for $1.18 million.

East Haven Settlement Includes Restrictions On Police


Marcia Chacon, et al. v. East Haven Police Department, et al.: Lawyers for nine East Haven Latinos who settled their lawsuit with the town for $450,000 called it a groundbreaking agreement that should serve as a model for other towns' immigration policies.

East Haven Latinos Reach $450,000 Settlement With Town

By Law Tribune Staff and Wire Reports |

The town of East Haven has agreed to pay $450,000 to settle a civil rights lawsuit by Latino residents. But perhaps the more significant part of the agreement, according to lawyers involved with the case, is that the town has agreed to greatly limit its enforcement of immigration laws and communications with national immigration authorities.

How Simple Hernia Surgery Turned Into A $12 Million Med-Mal Verdict


Vivian Gagliano went into Danbury Hospital for what was supposed to be a routine hernia operation — an outpatient procedure. But the operation went wrong, and she spent 34 days in the intensive care unit, a total of 70 days in the hospital, had six more surgeries and amassed $1 million in medical bills.

Excessive-Force Case Settles For Nearly $200,000


The video went viral with nearly 171,000 views on YouTube. It shows three Bridgeport police officers kicking a defenseless suspect that they just apprehended. In the aftermath, the officers were placed on paid leave and the beating victim, Orlando Lopez-Soto, filed an excessive-force lawsuit in federal court.

Mother, Hospital Settle ADA Discrimination Suit


The federal government and the Hospital for Special Care in New Britain have reached a settlement agreement over allegations that that the hospital refused to accommodate a child in its summer camp program in 2013 because the child had diabetes and required the use of an insulin pump.

Hit-And-Run Accident Yields $326,500 Verdict


Anita Habrat v. George Talboys, et al.: A woman who suffered a significant neck injury during a hit-and-run accident was recently awarded $326,500 by a Stamford jury.

Electricity Supplier Settles With State For $4.5 Million


The state of Connecticut and a subsidiary of NRG Energy have agreed to a $4.5 million settlement to resolve allegations that the subsidiary — which supplies electricity to consumers — used deceptive marketing practices to solicit customers.

Waterbury Hospital To Share In $297 Million Class Action Settlement


Waterbury Hospital and hundreds of other hotels, restaurants and medical facilities across the country that claimed they were overcharged by a major food vendor will likely share in a $297 million class action settlement.

Accident Victim's Decision To Reject Settlement Pays Off


Dario Correa v. Miguel Rodriguez: A Hartford man who injured his back after getting rear-ended at a red light was awarded $65,600 by a jury recently after turning down a defense settlement offer of $19,000.

Attorney Emanuele 'Manny' Cicchiello

IT Worker Gets $536,000 For Wrongful Termination


Jason Bissonnette v. Highland Park Market Inc.: A former employee of a Connecticut supermarket chain has been awarded about $536,000 after a jury decided that he was wrongfully terminated when he took time off to have back surgery for an injury he claimed to have suffered while on the job.

Ex-Track Star Settles For $1 Million After Crash


Gina DellaRose v. Blythe Greeno: A former high school track star who was injured when the car she was riding in rolled over after hitting a tree stump has settled a lawsuit against the vehicle's driver — who was intoxicated — for $1 million.

Diner Waitress Wins Federal Sexual Harassment Lawsuit


Iryna Dymskaya v. Orem's Diner of Wilton Inc.: A federal jury in Bridgeport has awarded a former Wilton diner waitress nearly $85,000 after she proved that she was sexually harassed and threatened by co-workers.

Defense Says $10 Million Verdict Could Spur Domestic Violence Lawsuits Against Police


A jury has awarded $10 million to the family of a woman who was stabbed to death after police officers allegedly failed to enforce a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, leading one defense attorney to predict that Connecticut police departments will face a wave of lawsuits by domestic violence victims.

Attorney Thomas Murphy

$10 Million Verdict Returned In Domestic Violence Wrongful Death Suit


In a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the Town of Plainville and two of its police officers, a Connecticut jury has awarded $10 million to the family of a woman killed by her ex-boyfriend on Valentine's Day 2009.

Freight Operations Supervisor Loses Bid For Damages


Joseph Dudas v. William Glass: A supervisor who fell off of a loading dock trying to shut the back door of a double tractor-trailer was unable to convince a jury the truck driver who pulled away from the dock was legally responsible for his permanent shoulder injury.

Boy Awarded $8 Million After Dump Truck Accident


Thomas McCauley v. Devin Schreyer: A 9-year-old boy who was nearly killed after the vehicle he was riding in was struck head-on by a dump truck was awarded nearly $8 million by a Bridgeport jury recently.

Defense Persuades Jury That Claims in Tripping Case Were Fabricated


Kristin Scepanski v Montoya Condo Association and Mario Campos: A woman who claims she sustained a permanent arm injury after tripping over a ladder lying in uncut grass at her condominium complex was denied damages after defense lawyers persuaded a jury that her claims were most likely fabricated.

Construction Company To Pay $2.4 Million Settlement


An attempt to take advantage of a U.S. Department of Transportation program designed to help socially disadvantaged small businesses has resulted in a $2.4 million settlement between a Plainville-based construction company and the federal government.

Woman Punched By Officer In Parking Lot Settles For $230,000


Brenda Mazariegos v. City of Stamford: A woman who claims a Stamford police officer punched her in the face hard enough to cause a minor brain injury has settled her lawsuit for $230,000 after a trial resulted in a hung jury.

This photo made in 2000 and provided by Barbara Speranza via her attorney, shows Barbara Speranza, left, and her late husband Robert Speranza.  Barbara Speranza is seeking damages against Stewart Leonard Sr., founder of Connecticut-based Stew Leonard's grocery store chain, and his son Thomas Leonard, for the death of Robert Speranza, who was swept off Leonard's boat and died in August 2011. A law suit was filed Wednesday March 7, 2012 in Bridgeport, Conn., Superior Court.   (AP Photo/Courtesy of Barbara Speranza)

Stew Leonard Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit


Barbara Speranza, personal representative and executrix of the estate of Robert Speranza, and Barbara Speranza, individually v. Stewart "Stew" Leonard Sr., Thomas P. Leonard and Carpe Diem Three LLC: The founder of Connecticut-based Stew Leonard's supermarket chain and the widow of a man who fell off of Leonard's boat near a Caribbean Island and drowned have settled a lawsuit that was filed in state court.

State Levies $36,000 In Penalties Against Contractor


The state Department of Consumer Protection has levied more than $36,000 in civil penalties against a New Britain paving company that was either not doing its work right or not doing it at all.

Connecticut Hedge Fund Sentenced To Pay $1.8 Billion

By Associated Press |

A prosecutor called a $900 million fine — part of the $1.8 billion that Stamford-based SAC Capital must pay — 'the largest fine imposed in an insider trading case in history.'

Feds To Pay $3.1 Million To Convicted Trash Hauler

By Associated Press |

Federal authorities have agreed to pay $3.1 million to a trash hauler convicted in a price-fixing conspiracy to settle his claim that they violated their plea agreement with him by selling his companies but failing to pay him.

Sikorsky Pays $3.5 Million To Settle Parts Allegations


Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. has agreed to a $3.5 million settlement with federal authorities last week over allegations that the helicopter maker violated federal law in inflating the costs of spare helicopter parts it sold to the Army.

E-book Settlement Payments Made In Advance Of Trial


While Connecticut consumers are beginning to receive payments from a prior partial settlement in the multistate e-book price-fixing lawsuit, a hearing on damages is expected to get underway against Apple this summer regarding the same case.

Rotator Cuff Tear Yields $122,000 For Crash Victim

By Christian Nolan |

A Hartford man who injured his shoulder after a car ran a stop sign and crashed into his vehicle was recently awarded more than $122,000 following a jury trial.

Rehab Facility Escapes Blame For Infection


Freida Wilson v. Affinity Health Care Management Inc. d/b/a Alexandria Manor: A jury sided with a Bloomfield nursing and rehabilitation facility that had been sued for negligence by a former patient who contracted an infection in her newly replaced hip.

Water Utility Funnels $29 Million Settlement To Consumers


Customers of Aquarion Water Co. should reap the benefits in their monthly bill from a $29 million settlement reached between the state and water utility related to a change in the Internal Revenue Service's accounting regulations.

Shoulder Injury Results In $100,000 Jury Verdict


Jack Arisian v. 21st Century Insurance Co.: A man whose vehicle was hit head-on by a driver who ran a stop sign was recently awarded $100,000 by a Waterbury jury. Jack Arisian, now 83, of Watertown, was driving on Northfield Road in Watertown at 9:30 a.m. Oct. 12, 2010 when another vehicle ran a stop sign and smashed head-on into Arisian’s car.

Municipal Immunity At Root Of $11.4 Million Supreme Court Case


The stressful job of a 911 dispatcher involves handling one emergency call after another, and often making life-and-death decisions armed only with information gathered from the caller.

State Supreme Court Overturns $11.4 Million Verdict Against Town In Crash Case


The Connecticut Supreme Court has overturned an $11.4 million jury verdict against the town of Clinton stemming from the lawsuit of a man injured in a 2005 car crash.

Hospital Cleared In Alleged Neglect Of Heart Attack Victim


Edith Holmes, Administratrix of the Estate of Arnold Holmes v. Hartford Hospital: The state Appellate Court recently upheld a defense verdict in a lawsuit filed after a patient died of cardiac arrest in Hartford Hospital and none of the nurses noticed for about 20 minutes.

District Must Improve Education Of Non-English Speakers


The Stamford public school system has agreed to provide better language programs for non-English-speaking students as part of a civil settlement agreement with the federal government.

Disabled Doctor Gets $1 Million In Crash Settlement


Initially, the Shahs weren't planning their own lawsuit. In fact, no one had asked Vinit Shah his side of the story. By the time he was released from the hospital, the police weren't interested in pursuing the matter.

Family Of Drowned Student Settles With Town


There were 20 students in the pool that day. Police viewed surveillance footage of the pool and noticed no water splashing that would indicate someone might be struggling beneath the surface.

Pedestrian Settles For $75,000 After Falling On Ice


Brenda Rose v. Town of East Hartford: An East Hartford woman who slipped on ice and suffered a permanent shoulder injury has settled her lawsuit against the town for $75,000.

Conn. To Share In $193 Million Pharmaceutical Settlement


United States ex rel. Ryan v. Endo Pharmaceuticals: A pharmaceutical company that promoted a prescription pain relief patch for purposes not intended by the Food and Drug Administration has agreed to pay $192.7 million, including more than $600,000 to Connecticut, to resolve criminal and civil allegations against the company.

City of West Haven To Pay $125,000 for Polluting Water


United States of America and State of Connecticut v. City of West Haven: The city of West Haven must repair as much as 145 miles of sewer lines over the next five years as part of a settlement between the municipality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other state agencies.

Court Says Monastery Must Pay $278,000 To Donors


In an unusual lawsuit accusing a religious monastery in Ashford of pretending to be affiliated with the Catholic Church when in fact it wasn't, a couple were awarded more than $278,000 in damages after donating $200,000 for a chapel to be built only to later discover the truth about the organization.

Durham Company To Pay $2.9 Million In Cleanup Costs


United States of America v. Durham Manufacturing.: A federal court judge has finalized a $2.9 million settlement between Durham Manufacturing Co. and the state and federal government over the past costs of removing contaminated soil at what is known as the Durham Meadows Superfund site.

James Mahar of Ryan Ryan Deluca in Stamford

Staples Wins Defense Verdict In Falling Ice Lawsuit


James Cleveland v. Staples: A truck driver who claims that a piece of ice fell off the roof of a Staples warehouse in the Dayville section of Killingly and struck him in the head was unable to convince a jury recently that the office supply chain store was liable for an injury that has kept him permanently out of work.

Grocery Chain Settles Disability Discrimination Claim


EEOC v. The Food Farmacy and J&T Enterprises, d/b/a Foodworks: The ownership of a natural foods grocery store chain in Connecticut known as Foodworks has agreed to pay $25,000 to resolve a lawsuit alleging it discriminated against employees with disabilities.

Paralyzed Plaintiff Loses Suit After Crashing Into Fire Truck On I-95


William Kumah, et al. v. Town of Greenwich: William Kumah was left paralyzed following a collision on Interstate 95 in which his car smashed into a fire truck that was parked across two lanes of the highway in the middle of the night.

Former IBM Employee Wins Up To $4 Million In Age Discrimination Suit


James Castelluccio v. International Business Machines Corp.: A Stamford man who claims that IBM dismissed him after 41 years because of his age stands to collect between $3.5 and $4 million following a federal court trial.

Conn. To Get Share Of $40 Million National Settlement


United States ex rel. Kirk v. CareFusion et al.: A medical device maker has agreed to pay $40.1 million to various states and the federal government, including $77,000 to Connecticut, to resolve civil claims by the U.S. government that it used unlawful marketing tactics and kickbacks to promote its products.

Police Chase Case Ends In $727,000 Settlement


Laricha Langley, et al. v. City of New Haven, et al.: A teenager who was seriously injured after a Jeep being chased by a police cruiser crashed into her vehicle at more than 60 mph has settled her lawsuit for $727,000.

Judge Upholds $5.8 Million Award In Prempro Case


Margaret B. Fraser and Joseph T. Fraser v. Wyeth and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals: A Connecticut federal judge has upheld a jury verdict that totals nearly $5.8 million in the case of a Lakeville woman who claimed she developed breast cancer after taking the menopause drug Prempro.

Business Hit With $750,000 In Environmental Penalties


Daniel C. Esty, Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection v. Suraci Inc.; Suraci Metal Finishing, LLC; Suraci Paint & Powder Coating, LLC; and Bruno F. Suraci Jr.: A judge has ordered three New Haven companies and their operator to pay nearly $750,000 in penalties for violations of the state's hazardous waste and air pollution control laws.

Town Pays $4.1 Million After Dump Truck Kills Teen


Carlos Prada et al. v. Robert Maloy et al.: The family of a boy who was struck and killed by a town truck while walking to school has recovered $4.1 million in a settlement with the town of Stratford.

Plowing Companies Settle Bid-Rigging Allegations

Three Southbury companies will pay $30,000 each to settle allegations of illegal boycott and bid-rigging involving snow removal and plowing services. The settlements resolve a lawsuit brought by Attorney General George Jepsen, who claimed violations of the Connecticut Antitrust Act and the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Jury Rejects Hospital Worker's Free Speech Claim


Isabel Modaffari v. Greenwich Hospital: A jury in Bridgeport recently decided that Greenwich Hospital did not violate a former phlebotomist's free speech rights after she reported that she had found contaminated vials in the hospital.

Doctor Found Liable For Failing To Help Suicidal Patient


Mary Morrin, executor of the estate of James Morrin v. Carl Koplin: A former Tolland doctor and his nurse practitioner failed to treat James Morrin's mental illness, according to lawyers for Morrin's estate. They instead gave the man numerous sleeping pills for insomnia and never recommended counseling.

Branford Diet Supplement Firms To Pay Millions Of Dollars In Restitution


Three Branford-based dietary supplement companies and their owner that will provide millions of dollars in restitution to consumers harmed by the companies' alleged deceptive Internet marketing and sales practices, state officials said.

Doctor Wins $140K After False Misconduct Accusation


Paul H. Deutsch, M.D. v. Backus Corporation d/b/a The William W. Backus Hospital: A Norwich doctor was awarded $139,857 after a Hartford jury determined that a Norwich hospital acted in bad faith when it suspended the doctor for professional misconduct based on false information.

Housing Authority Settles Discrimination Case


Maziarz v. Housing Authority of the Town of Vernon: A man who claims the Vernon Housing Authority discriminated against disabled, senior-citizen tenants has settled his lawsuit with the agency for $215,000.

Fatal Train Crash Results In $1.25 Million Settlement


A railroad will pay $1.25 million to the family of an 18-year-old man who was killed four years ago when his truck was struck by a freight train at a crossing in Plainfield.

Forecast 2014: Defense Lawyers Focus On Sentencing Issues


These are complicated times in criminal law. The death penalty as a ultimate punishment has been repealed in Connecticut, but new ways to commit crimes continue to created.

Mortgage Company To Pay $2.1 Billion To Resolve Complaints


One of the nation's largest mortgage servicing companies has agreed to pay $2.1 billion in a joint state-federal settlement that could be worth more than $40 million to Connecticut borrowers.

Injured Truck Driver Recovers $715,000 After Crash


Chad Roman v. ADF Industries: A Pennsylvania man who survived an accident that killed another truck driver on Interstate 95 has recovered $715,000 in a lawsuit settlement.

Railroad Crossing Fatality Results In $1.25 Settlement


A railroad will pay $1.25 million to the family of an 18-year-old man who was killed four years ago when his truck was struck by a freight train at a crossing in Plainfield.

Injured Postal Carrier Collects $138,000 Verdict


Gustavo Gomez v. Alberto Stefanacci: A postal carrier who injured his back when his mail truck was rear-ended was awarded $138,000 by a jury in Bridgeport recently.

Two Pharmacies Agree To Pay $90,000 In Settlements

By Christian Nolan |

A pair of Connecticut pharmacies have reached civil settlement agreements with the federal government over allegations that they fraudulently filled prescriptions. The two pharmacies will pay a combined $90,000 to settle the accusations.

East Haven Police Blamed In $12 Million Verdict


A high school senior whose life was forever altered in 2006 when he was struck by a truck and thrown 20 feet in the air was awarded $12.2 million by a New Haven jury. With interest stemming from an earlier settlement offer, the verdict will cost the town of East Haven $15.85 million.

Manufacturer To Pay $4.6 Million In Clean Water Case


United States v. Conopco Inc. d.b.a. Unilever Home and Personal Care USA: Health and beauty product maker Unilever has agreed to pay $4.5 million in criminal penalties after pleading guilty to two felony environmental violations at its former manufacturing plant in Clinton.

Auto Dealer Settles With Drowning Victims' Families


The plaintiffs could not sue Chrysler because the automaker had filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and was protected by federal law from damages lawsuits. However, state law permitted the plaintiffs to go after the dealership that initially sold the vehicle.

Commodity Pool Operator Reportedly Defrauded Investors Of $3.6 Million


U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission v. Sharif: A federal judge in Connecticut has ordered a man accused of running a Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors of millions of dollars to pay more than $3 million in restitution and civil penalties.

Murder Victim's Family Wins $9 Million Claim


It's not often that the family of a murder victim files a civil suit against a suspected killer. The O.J. Simpson civil case may be the most notable exception, though it's said that the civil action was less about collecting damages and more about proving that the former football star, who was acquitted in criminal court, actually killed his ex-wife and a male friend.

Feds To Pay $235 Million To Nuclear Plant Owners


Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company v. The United States: A federal court has awarded $235.4 million in damages to the owners of three decommissioned nuclear power plants in New England, including Connecticut Yankee in Haddam Neck, Conn., to reimburse the companies for the costs of storing spent nuclear fuel.

Executive Gets $1.2 Million In Workers' Comp Settlement


Amy Thornton v. Pitney Bowes Inc. & Indemnity Insurance Company of North America: A woman who suffered a fractured skull in an accident on her way to the airport for a business trip has recovered $1.2 million in a workers' compensation settlement with her employer.

Plaintiff Sought $14 Million, But Jury Returns Defense Verdict


Nicole Dzienis v. Pig's Eye Pub: A young woman who was left partially paralyzed following a car crash was unable to win a lawsuit against a bar that served alcohol to her underage friend, who was driving.

Trucking Company Ordered To Drop Suit, Pay Workers


A North Branford trucking company has been ordered by the U.S. Department of Labor to withdraw what government officials consider to be a retaliatory lawsuit filed against two former workers who complained about on-the-job safety concerns. The company, Palumbo Trucking Inc., must also pay the two men $60,000 in damages.

Jury Returns Defense Verdict In CVS Parking Lot Accident


Barbara Lucas v. Louis Tine et al.: A woman who claims a pickup truck backed into her vehicle in a drug store parking lot and caused her back and neck injuries was unable to convince a jury that the truck driver was at fault.

Blood Thinner Lovenox Blamed in $9M Med-Mal Case


Barbara Lathan went to Bridgeport Hospital in October 2007 to receive treatment for a relatively minor urinary tract infection. Seventy-five days later, Lathan, then 66, was released from the hospital in a wheelchair with her bowels inflated to the size and shape of a bowling ball and protruding from her abdomen.

Rear-Ended Plaintiff Loses Bid For Damages


Shaquan Whitfield v. Beth Rosen: It took just 10 minutes for a New Haven jury to return a defense verdict in the case of a woman who claimed back and neck injuries after her vehicle was hit from behind while making a turn.

Mother, Son Collect $300,000 After Being Struck By Car


The defendant driver claimed it would have been much easier for the plaintiffs to see him and get out of his way than for the driver to see the pedestrians and stop in time.

Feds Say Acupuncturist Improperly Billed For Physical Therapy Services


An acupuncturist accused of falsely billing Medicare for his services has agreed to a $300,000 civil settlement agreement with the federal government.

Family Of Tree-Cutting Victim Settles For $950,000


Mary Ann L. Ostop, Administratrix of the Estate of George C. Roselli v. Maximum Tree Service LLC: The family of a man who was killed after getting hit in the head by a tree that was being cut down will collect $950,000 after settling their lawsuit against the company hired by the town of Simsbury to do the work.

Stamford Marketing Company To Pay $30 Million


State of Connecticut v. Affinion Group Inc., Trilegiant Corporation, and, Inc.: A Stamford-based marketing company has reached a $30 million national settlement with 47 states, including Connecticut, and the District of Columbia after it was accused of using deceptive practices to attract members to discount clubs.

Woman Settles For $225,000 After ATV Accident


Leanne Hellyar v. James Crowley, et al.: A woman who broke her foot and collarbone after getting hit by an all-terrain vehicle at a party has settled her lawsuit for $225,000.

Senior Citizen Settles For $1 Million After Hotel Fall


Norma Linke v. Heritage New London LLC et al.: A woman from St. Louis who shattered her elbow after falling in the lobby of a New London Holiday Inn has settled her lawsuit against the hotel ownership for $1 million.

Accident Victim Walks Away With Over $500,000


Dimitrios Stefanidis v. Sherry M. Black and Francis D. Black: A man who was rear-ended in traffic and ended up with a neck and back injury, was awarded $470,000 recently by a Superior Court jury in Stamford.

Settlement Trims $6.5 Million From Record Verdict


What began as the largest known plaintiff's verdict in a lawsuit against the state of Connecticut has ended up as a smaller, though still hefty, settlement.

Judge Awards Sex Abuse Victim $1 Million


Jane Doe v. Mario Fusco Jr.: A woman who was sexually abused as a teenager by a relative who had promised to tutor her was awarded approximately $1 million in damages by a judge in Waterbury recently.

Video Helps Officers Win Excessive Force Suit


Lamar McCarthy v. City of Hartford et al.: A federal jury recently sided with three Hartford police officers who were accused of using excessive force when arresting a man who had led them on a high-speed chase.

Video Helps Officers Win Excessive Force Suit


Hartford attorney Alan Dembiczak said video from a police cruiser dashboard camera showed a suspect 'desperate' to escape and no evidence of excessive force by officers.

Psychiatrist Settles Allegations Involving Painkillers


A Woodbridge psychiatrist has agreed to a civil settlement with the federal government to resolve allegations that he inappropriately prescribed strong pain medications for a person or persons who were not his patient.

Family Wins Trial After Woman Dies Unexpectedly Following ER


Gary Strickland, Administrator of the estate of Marion Drezek v. The Bristol Hospital Inc., et al.: The family of a woman who died unexpectedly at Bristol Hospital has been awarded more than $2.5 million by a jury after proving the hospital was responsible for her death.

Bus Crash Victim's Family Settles For $5.5 Million


George Plamondon, et al. v. State of Connecticut, et al.: The parents of a University of Connecticut student who was struck and killed by a campus shuttle bus in 2011 has settled their lawsuit with the state for $5.5 million.

Woman Injured By Moldy Ceiling Collapse Gets $78,000


Jorell Alford v. Michael Steinbach: A single mother from New Haven was awarded a judgment of $78,162 for emotional and physical injuries she sustained after the moldy ceiling of her water-damaged apartment fell on her.

Student Collects $1.2 Million Following Head Injury


Tyler Pollock, PPA v. Michael Lambert, et al.: A high school student who suffered a severe head injury after he was struck by a car driven by a classmate recovered $1.2 million in a recent settlement.

State Settles With Citibank In Data Breach Case


State of Connecticut v. Citibank, N.A.: Citibank has reached a $55,000 settlement with the state of Connecticut after hackers accessed the account information of more than 5,000 bank customers in-state and over 360,000 in North America.

New Haven Officer Wins Claim For Back Wages


Anthony Maio v. City of New Haven: A police officer who was cleared of charges that he groped two female college students in a bar has been awarded more than $235,000 following a civil suit against the city of New Haven for lost wages.

Woman Awarded $500,000 After Parking Lot Mishap


Colleen Bradley v. Long Wharf Drive Ownership LLC, 1-3, et al.: A woman who injured her back when she stumbled in a pothole in her employer's parking lot was awarded $520,000 by a Meriden jury recently.

Woman Awarded $500,000 After Parking Lot Mishap


Colleen Bradley v. Long Wharf Drive Ownership LLC, 1-3, et al.: A woman who injured her back when she stumbled in a pothole in her employer's parking lot was awarded $520,000 by a Meriden jury recently.

$1.8M In Punitive Damages Awarded To Woman With Breast Cancer


Margaret B. Fraser and Joseph T. Fraser v. Wyeth, Inc. and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: A U.S. District Court judge in Connecticut has awarded punitive damages of nearly $1.8 million to a woman who proved she developed breast cancer after taking a menopause drug.

Woman Collects $800,000 Settlement For Broken Neck


Marion Tanyi v. Paul Labelle, III: A North Stonington woman who broke her neck and leg and injured her knees after a car crossed the center line and hit her head-on has settled her personal injury lawsuit for $800,000.

Credit Union To Pay $200,505 For Taking Check


Naomi Odell v. Wallingford Municipal Federal Credit Union: It's about to get expensive for a Wallingford credit union that took a woman's social security disability check to settle an old debt.

Landlords Ordered To Pay $113,000 For Discrimination


United States of America and Taika Bilbo, et al. v. Clifton Hylton, et al.: A federal judge has ordered a pair of landlords to pay more than $100,000 in damages after allegedly discriminating against prospective tenants because of their race.

State Gets Share Of Organ Transplant Drug Settlement


Connecticut is slated to receive more than $400,000 as part of a $491 million national settlement between the government and Pfizer Inc. over the illegal marketing of an organ transplant drug named Rapamune.

Owner Of Burned Factory Gets Almost $1 Million


Housatonic Wire Co. v. Jerry Grozik, et al.: The owner of an old factory building, much of which burned to the ground in 2010 and became an eyesore in Seymour, has been awarded more than $936,000 after suing two men who negligently started the blaze.

Alleged Medication Error Leads To $1.65 Million Award


Peter Halvorson v. Kathleen Kennedy, M.D., et al.: A patient who claims his doctor prescribed an excessive dosage of a blood-thinning medication, resulting in a life-threatening hematoma, recently received a $1.65 million jury award.

Court Overturns $292,000 Slip-And-Fall Award


Sandra Konesky v. Post Road Entertainment et al.: The state Appellate Court has overturned a jury verdict of $292,500 for a woman who fell and broke her foot inside a bar after slipping on the wet floor.

Woman With Brain Injury Settles For $2.5 Million


Donna Antczak v. Fred Lathrop, et al.: A woman who was severely injured in a crash in Waterford after a town van allegedly ran a stop sign has recovered $2.5 million in a settlement.

Lawyers In Hotel Dispute Awarded $1.5 Million


Heyman Associates No. 5 L.P., et al. v. FelCor TRS Guarantor L.P.: A long-running battle between two ownership groups with hotels in downtown Stamford just got a lot costlier after a judge ruled that the plaintiffs can collect $1.5 million in attorney fees.

Settlement Results In Water Bill Credits


Connecticut Water customers are expected to save $10 million over the next two years as part of a recent settlement agreement between the water supplier and the state of Connecticut.

Injured Motorcycle Rider Gets $975,000 In Settlement


Robert Peterson et al. v. Analise Tenney et al.: A man who was seriously injured after the motorcycle he was riding smashed into a vehicle that made a left turn in front of him has collected $975,000 in a settlement agreement.

Norwalk Company Ordered To Pay $40 Million


State of Iowa v. Vertrue Incorporated: A Connecticut-based marketing company must pay more than $40 million in restitution and penalties for allegedly duping hundreds of thousands of Iowa residents into signing up for buying club memberships they mostly did not want or use, the Iowa Supreme Court recently ruled.

Neighbors Fed Up With Industrial Noise Get $300,000


Kenneth Tulle, et al v. Connecticut Container Corporation: A group of five homeowners from North Haven who were subjected to years of "a constant and annoying noise" from a nearby cardboard box factory have been awarded $300,000 for the private nuisance following a bench trial.

Red Sox Taunts Led To Altercation, Award Of $4.3 Million


Monte Friere v. U.S.S. Chowder Pot III, Ltd., et al.: A man who was stabbed in the neck at a Branford bar and nearly bled to death has collected $4.3 million after a New Haven jury decided that a bartender could have prevented the attack.

School Settles Parental Complaints About Discipline


A group of parents who complained that a Hartford middle school wrongly disciplined their children has settled a federal complaint against the school. The students attend Achievement First Hartford Academy Middle School in Hartford.

ADR: The State of Mediation—And How to Make it Better


Have you recently convinced a client that the pain and cost of litigation make litigation a poor choice compared to mediation, only to have the client unhappy with the mediation session? If so, your experience is not unique, some experts say.

Injured Harley Rider Settles For $1.2 Million


Charles Maclean v. Roger Perry, et al.: A man who was so badly injured in a head-on collision in Montville that he was put into a medically induced coma has recovered $1.2 million in a settlement.

Ex-Dentist To Pay $9.9 Million In Fraud Case


State of Connecticut v. Gary Anusavice, et al.: A man who lost his Massachusetts dental practice in the late 1990s for submitting false claims to government programs is in trouble again.

Good Samaritan Plaintiff Loses Dog Bite Claim


Penny Hoyt v. James Kennedy, et al.: A woman who tried to help an injured dog, but was bitten in the process, lost her bid to receive compensation for her injuries, as jurors decided that she had been inadvertantly "tormenting" the animal.

City Agrees To Better Serve Hearing Impaired


The federal government and the City of New Haven have entered into a settlement that addresses allegations that city officials, including members of the police department, were not communicating effectively with the hearing impaired.

State To Get Millions From Second Tobacco Settlement


Connecticut and 21 other states have reached a multi-million dollar settlement with the major tobacco companies stemming from a 2006 dispute over how much the cigarette-makers should pay as part of a pre-existing settlement.

Teacher Can't Prove Custodian Caused Broken Hip


An 82-year-old English teacher at Stamford High School was unable to convince a jury that a fall that caused a broken hip was caused by a custodian who drove close to her in a snowy parking lot.

Settlement Reached In Lawsuit Linked To Yale Murder


A former Yale University employee who was implicated by police, but never charged, in the highly publicized murder investigation of student Suzanne Jovin in 1998 has settled lawsuits with the university and the City of New Haven.

Mother, Daughter Win $8.1 Million Post-Crash Verdict


A mother and daughter who were severely injured after the vehicle they were riding in was struck head-on by a pickup truck were awarded more than $8.1 million by a Hartford jury recently.

Truck Maker Not Held Liable For Fatal Crash


A Bridgeport federal court jury sided with the manufacturer of a tractor-trailer involved in a 2003 crash that killed four Yale students and injured five others in an Interstate 95 collision a decade ago.

Therapist To Pay $330,000 In Medicare Settlement


A physical therapist who falsely billed Medicare for services that were not provided has settled a civil case with the federal government for nearly $330,000. He has also been sentenced on criminal charges.

Utility Pays $1 Million To Settle Clean Air Suit

The owners of a Pennsylvania power plant have agreed to stop burning coal in two generating units and to provide $1 million towards environmental mitigation in Connecticut and New Jersey as part of a clean air settlement announced by Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen and Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Daniel C. Esty.

Pedestrian Nets $112,500 After Intersection Accident


A man who was hit by a car while walking across a New Britain intersection in early evening darkness was recently awarded $150,000 by a jury, though the verdict was reduced by 25 percent for comparative negligence.

Former UConn Student Collects $38,500 After Crash


A former University of Connecticut student who was rear-ended in traffic around Easter time a few years ago and suffered a low back injury was awarded more than $38,500 recently by a Litchfield jury.

Tanker Crash Results In $16 Million Verdict


A Hartford jury awarded $15.7 million to the plaintiffs on April 26 following a nearly month-long trial. The case stemmed from a 2007 crash involving a fuel tanker.

Jury Not Persuaded By Icy Driveway Claim


A woman delivering the morning newspaper in New Britain who allegedly slipped and fell on ice in a customer's driveway was unable to convince a jury that the owners of the property or a tenant should have been held liable for her injuries.

State Settles With Closed Day-Care Center


The owners of a day-care facility in Branford that literally closed up overnight has agreed to pay $55,000 in restitution to the customers.

Shopper's Spill Costs Stew Leonard's About $120,000


Fevronia Fatse v. Stew Leonard's LLC: A woman who fell on a crack in the concrete at a Stew Leonard's store and injured her foot and hip was recently awarded nearly $120,000 by a Bridgeport jury.

Runner's Estate Collects $975,000 After Mediation


The estate of a man who was hit by a car and killed while out jogging in Farmington has recovered $975,000 as part of a settlement reached following mediation.

Victim Of Drunken Driver Loses Dram Shop Case


A man who suffered a bad leg injury after his vehicle was struck head-on by a drunk driver was unable to recover damages from one of the restaurants that had served the intoxicated woman.

Attorney Collects Record Fees In Railroad Case


A lawyer for a railroad worker who won a lawsuit under a federal whistleblower statute was recently awarded the largest attorney fee in the history of Connecticut's federal court.

Plaintiff Injured In Crash Gets More Than He Requested


A Cox Cable employee collected nearly $119,000 after sustaining back injuries when his SUV was rear-ended in a traffic tie-up on Interstate 84 in East Hartford.

Head-On Crash Results In $2.8 Million Award


A man vacationing with his wife in Westbrook was hit by another driver in a collision that broke his hip, ankle and led to a heart attack. The couple won $2.8 million.

Doctor To Pay $700,000 To Cover Medicare Claims


Stamford Company Hit With Huge Asbestos Verdict


Stamford Company Hit With Huge Asbestos Verdict Over Worker Who Died of Mesothelioma


A jury has awarded $35 million in damages to the estate of a man who died from cancer after years of inhaling asbestos at his job.

Fairfield Recovers Money Linked To Madoff Scams


A Connecticut judge has approved a $2.8 million settlement between Fairfield and an investment firm that the town sued in 2009 over pension fund losses tied to financier Bernard Madoff's fraud scheme.

ESPN Minimizes Losses In Dish Network Suit


Dish Network LLC f/k/a Echostar Satellite LLC v. ESPN, Inc. and ESPN Classic Inc.: Dish Network sought $152 million from Bristol-based ESPN in a dispute alleging that the sports network gave competitors better rates than they gave the satellite television provider.

Power Producer Agrees To Cut Emissions, Pay States


As part of a renegotiated settlement between the nation's largest electric power producer and eight states, Connecticut officials are hoping for better air quality, which would benefit those with respiratory conditions. Connecticut will get more than $714,000 as part of the agreement for pollution mitigation projects.

Woman Awarded $976,000 After Collision That Caused Herniated Disc And Revealed Tumor


A woman who was injured in a rear-end collision in Windsor in 2008 and ended up needing two major back surgeries was recently awarded more than $976,000 by a Hartford judge.

Crash Yields Two Settlements, One Defense Verdict


Joseph Fuscaldo v. Bradford Agonito, et al.: A man who was badly injured after his drunken pal smashed head-on into a stone wall in Greenwich settled lawsuits against his friend and a bar that served them, but he failed to win damages in a trial involving another establishment.

Jury Delivers $3.8 Million Verdict Against UPS


Gary Birkhamshaw, Administrator of the Estate of George M. Upton Jr., and Julie Upton v. Joseph Socha & United Parcel Service Inc.: The family of a man who was killed after his pickup was struck by a UPS tractor-trailer has been awarded nearly $4 million by a New London jury.

State Gets Share Of Nationwide Toyota Settlement


According to the Connecticut Attorney General's Office, Toyota concealed safety issues related to unintended acceleration on certain Toyota and Lexus model cars, including the Camry, Tundra, Tacoma and Prius hybrid.

Developer Fails To Make Case Against Town


Arrigoni Enterprises LLC v. Town of Durham, Durham Planning and Zoning Commission and Durham Zoning Board of Appeals: A land developer who sued after he was denied an application to build three industrial buildings in Durham was unable to convince a federal jury that the town violated the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution when making its decision.

Family Of College Student Settles For $4.2 Million


Kathleen Durante, Administratrix of the Estate of Elizabeth Durante et al. v. Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority et al.: The family of a college student killed in a head-on highway collision with a drunk driver has settled a lawsuit with the nightclub that served the intoxicated patron for $4.2 million.

Fire Survivor Receives $825,000 After Family Perishes


Rinh Thach, et al. v. City of Bridgeport, et al.: A Vietnamese immigrant who lost his wife and three children in a 2005 apartment fire has settled a lawsuit with the city of Bridgeport for $825,000.

CVS Pays $800,000 To Settle Environmental Allegations


National pharmacy chain CVS has agreed to pay $800,000 to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to settle allegations that seven Connecticut stores violated regulations pertaining to hazardous waste and recycling.

Hospital Absolved Of Attack On Elderly Patient


Emanuel Di Teresi and Virginia Di Teresi, Executors of the Will of Santini Di Teresi and Virginia Di Teresi, individually v. Stamford Health System, Inc. and The Stamford Hospital: A jury has decided that Stamford Hospital was not negligent in its supervision of a nurse who sexually abused an elderly patient with dementia.

Fallen Oak Tree Leads To Two Settlements


Patricia Zigler v. City of Hartford: A woman who was injured after a tree fell on her while she was shoveling snow has settled her lawsuit against the city of Hartford for about $25,000.

Injured Limousine Driver Awarded Over $930,000


Manuel Vasquez v. Road Service Network, et al.: A limousine driver from New York who was injured after wheels flew off of a large tractor-trailer on Interstate 95 has been awarded more than $930,000 by a Bridgeport jury.

Plaintiff Wins $109,000 In Rental Discrimination Case


Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities Ex Rel. Becky Palmer and Becky Palmer Individually v. Kenneth Burkamp: A state government program that enables low-income residents to avoid putting down a security deposit when renting an apartment was the basis for a $109,000 discrimination verdict against a Manchester landlord.

Court Upholds Lab Worker's $2.3 Million Award


Becky McClain v. Pfizer Inc.: The U.S. Court of Appeals of Second Circuit has affirmed a Connecticut federal court award of $2.3 million to a former Pfizer employee who blew the whistle on the company for allegedly unsafe working conditions.

Nanotechnology Firms Settle With Feds For $436,000


Federal officials claim that the funds from the five National Institutes of Health grants were improperly commingled in a corporate bank account, and some of the money was used to cover company expenses not legitimately related to a particular government grant.

Strip Club Beating Victim Gets $330,000 Verdict


Tyler Frohloff v. Demkowicz Management of Farmington LLC et al.: A man who had his jaw broken and was left unconscious after getting beaten in a strip club bathroom by three strangers was recently awarded more than $330,000 by a New Britain jury.

Dentists Get $3.8 Million From Decade-Long Case


Connecticut dentists will receive $3.8 million as part of a settlement stemming from a lengthy battle between dentists, a dental association and an insurance provider.

Cyclist's Widow Awarded Nearly $2.3 Million


The family of a West Haven man who was struck and killed by a hotel van has been awarded nearly $2.3 million.

Former Nanny Awarded $371,000 After Collision


A Norwalk woman who was injured after her vehicle was forced over a highway embankment by a tractor-trailer was recently awarded nearly $371,000 by a Stamford jury.

Elderly Woman Collects $1.1 Million For Brain Injury


An elderly woman who suffered a brain injury as a result of a car wreck with a homeless drunk driver received a jury award of more than $1.1 million.

Police Dog Bite Lawsuit Ends In Defense Verdict


Narell Stallworth, Calvin Smalls, Larise King v. Town of Stratford, Officer John Therina, Trooper Paul Comensanas: Three people who claimed they were bitten by a police dog during a fight outside of a nightclub will not recover any damages, after a federal jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendants.

Second Cruiser Crash Lawsuit Settles For $4 Million


The estate of a teenager killed in a highly publicized crash involving a Milford police officer who was racing a colleague in the middle of the night will receive $4 million in a settlement with the city of Milford and the officer.

Aetna To Pay $120 Million To Settle Class Action


In re: Aetna UCR Litigation, MDL No. 2020: Hartford-based Aetna Inc. will pay as much as $120 million to settle a federal class action in which plaintiffs alleged that the insurer provided inadequate payments to consumers who visited out-of-network medical providers and to the doctors who treated them.

Former Biotech Executives Awarded $17 Million


Dennis L. Winger, et al. v. Life Technologies Corp.: Five high-ranking executives at a Norwalk company who were fired after the business changed ownership have been awarded $17.4 million.

Chimp Attack Victim Gets $4 Million In Settlement


While lawyers for a Stamford woman who was attacked and disfigured by her friend's chimpanzee in 2009 still hope to get permission to sue the state of Connecticut for $150 million, they have reached a smaller, $4 million settlement with the estate of the chimp's owner.

Business Executive Settles With SEC For $1.4 Million


Securities and Exchange Commission v. I. Joseph Massoud: A Westport-based business executive accused of insider trading has settled a lawsuit filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission by paying roughly $1.4 million and agreeing to leave the financial industry.

Ex-Principal Gets $126,000 For Wrongful Termination


Andrew Cimmino v. Maria Marcoccia, Sally Lyddy, Ellen Tiedman, Bridgeport Board of Education. A former elementary school principal was awarded $126,000 in lost wages after a jury determined that false accusations by his former secretary and another school employee caused him to be fired.

Judge Rejects Hotel Owners' Damages Claim


Heyman Associates No. 5 L.P., et al. v. Felcor TRS Guarantor, L.P.: A lengthy, high-stakes legal battle between two hotel ownership groups is closer to resolution after a judge upheld a deed provision barring the opening of an upscale hotel in downtown Stamford.

Equestrian Injured By Swerving Car Awarded $268,000


Alexandra Smith, PPA, et al. v. Claude Errera: A 16-year-old girl who was injured after a car veered off the roadway and smashed head on into the horse she was riding was recently awarded nearly $268,000 by a New Haven judge.

Developer Settles Clean Water Act Claims For $741,000


United States of America, et al. v. Toll Brothers Inc. et al.: One of the nation's largest builders of luxury homes has agreed to pay the federal government to settle claims that the company violated the Clean Water Act.

Wheelchair User Wins $243,000 In Wrongful Termination Case Against Planet Fitness


Rebecca Smith v. PFS Fitness LLC: A fitness center worker who claimed she was wrongfully terminated after a foot injury landed her in a wheelchair was recently awarded nearly $243,000 by a jury.

Plaintiff Who Wanted Coffee Ends Up With $125,000


Calogero J. Marino v. Linda Livieri, Administratrix of the Estate of Elaine Burgess: A Wallingford man who injured his neck, low back and knee in a car accident was awarded $125,000 following a bench trial in New Haven.

Injured Motorist Can Stomach $445,000 Verdict


Dyan Salemi v. Luke Parker et al.: A Madison woman who needed multiple abdominal surgeries to correct a hernia caused by a car accident was recently awarded nearly $445,000 after a bench trial.

Conn. Drug Company To Pay $95 Million Settlement


A Connecticut-based pharmaceutical company has agreed to pay $95 million to settle claims that the company promoted drugs for off-label uses and paid kickbacks to medical providers as an incentive for prescribing the drugs.

Police Shooting Case Ends In Defense Verdict


Douglas Brown et al. v. City of Bridgeport et al.: In a case involving an unusual set of circumstances, including a misidentified suspect, a Bridgeport police officer who shot an unarmed man in the back following a chase was cleared of wrongdoing by a jury after a month-long trial.

Woman Who Alleged Priest Sex Abuse Gets $1.1 Million


Jane Doe v. Norwich Roman Catholic Diocese et al.: A now 48-year-old woman who claims that a Catholic priest sexually abused her several times when she was a young girl in the mid- to late 1970s has recovered $1.1 million in a settlement.

Pattern Of Latino Arrests Leads To Settlement


Federal authorities claim that police officers in East Haven engaged in a pattern of discrimination and abuse toward Latinos. Now, a settlement agreement looks to put an end to the claim before a lawsuit is filed.

Chef Gets $316,000 Verdict After Neck Injury


Tessa Scandariato Eichelberger v. Edward Borrelli: A Norwich woman who injured her neck in a car accident was recently awarded $316,000 by a jury, though the amount was reduced by 20 percent because she was found to be partially at fault.

Marathoner Injured In Rear-End Collision Walks Away With About $270,000


Timothy Kesselring v. Gunna Voight, et al.: A former marathon runner who developed back problems after getting rear-ended on Interstate 95 was recently awarded nearly $273,000 by a New Haven judge following a hearing in damages.

Salesman Awarded $162,000 For Knee Injury


Vincent Yaccarino v. Jarett Matlock, et al.: A North Haven salesman who was injured in a car accident on Interstate 95 was recently awarded $162,000 in damages by a judge.

Paramedic To Collect Fraction Of $1.1 Million Verdict


Richard J. Clow Jr. v. Travelers Home & Marine Insurance Co.: An Enfield paramedic and firefighter involved in an on-duty accident was awarded $1.1 million by a Hartford jury earlier this month, though he will collect far less than that for a variety of reasons.

Bank Reaches Record Settlement

Bank of America Corp. has agreed to pay $2.43 billion to settle alleged federal securities law violations in its acquisition of Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. in 2009.

Consulting Firm Agrees To $1.27M Settlement


A Glastonbury-based national consulting firm specializing in retirement and employee benefits has agreed to pay the U.S. Department of Labor $1.27 million to resolve allegations that it retained certain fees that should have been passed on to clients.

Equestrian Gets $408,000 After Career-Ending Accident


Dana Van Der Jagt v. Elise Carlton, et al.: A champion equestrian who can no longer ride horses after sustaining injuries in a car accident was awarded $408,000 following a jury trial in Hartford.

Railroad Conductor's Case Goes Off Track


A train conductor who fell on a patch of ice was unable to prove to a Bridgeport federal jury that his employer was responsible for a foot injury.

Duo Injured By Jet Ski Awarded $3.2 Million


Two people badly injured when a Jet Ski crashed into them as they floated in the Connecticut River were recently awarded $3.2 million by a judge trial referee in Hartford, though the plaintiffs' lawyer says it's unlikely they will collect nearly that much.

Missing Man's Ex-Girlfriend Awarded $52,000


Madeline Gleason v. Janice Smolinski and Paula Bell: A New Haven judge has awarded more than $52,000 to the former girlfriend of one of the state's best-known missing persons, ruling that the missing man's family harassed and defamed the woman while accusing her of being involved in his disappearance.

Neck Injury, Depression Lead To $1.7 Million Award


Jason MacDonald v. Patricia A. Doukas and John G. Zandy: A Buffalo, N.Y. man, who injured his neck and became severely depressed after being involved in a crash while a graduate student in New Haven was awarded more than $1.7 million by a jury earlier this month.

Minor Accident Yields $70,000 Jury Verdict


Edward J. Banas v. Lorraine A. Armbruster: A man whose vehicle was rear-ended but sustained no noticeable damage, developed back pain six months after the crash and was recently awarded $70,000 by a jury.

Jurors Not Persuaded By Brain Injury Claim


Lisa Alloggio v. Federal Insurance Company: A woman who claims she suffered a brain injury following a rear-end collision in Pennsylvania sought $3.2 million from a Middletown jury but was awarded only $58,000 after the defense successfully argued that her physical pain actually was caused by longstanding emotional issues.

State Gets $3.5 Million In Pharmaceutical Settlement


The state of Connecticut will receive more than $3.5 million as part of the nation's largest ever multi-state consumer protection settlement with a pharmaceutical company. In total, 33 states and the District of Columbia will receive $181 million following a settlement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

Diasabled Man Settles For $1.2 Million After Fall


Rita Grant, et al. v. Norwich Discount Liquor LLC: The family of a young man with cerebral palsy, whose wheelchair fell more than three feet off a strip mall walkway with a missing railing, has recovered $1.2 million in a recent settlement.

Railroad Worker Shocked By Defense Verdict


A Waterbury man who claimed to have been twice injured by electricity while repairing trains was unable to persuade a federal jury that his employer should be held responsible.

Arbitrators Award $2.25 Million For Slip-And-Fall


To calculate the impact on Peter Gaudioso's earning capacity, his lawyer, Gerard McEnery, called upon a vocational rehabilitation specialist.

Great-Grandma Gets $1 Million After Head-On Crash


A 96-year-old woman seriously injured in a head-on collision in Guilford has settled her lawsuit for an even $1 million.

Court Upholds $5 Million Malpractice Verdict


The state Supreme Court has upheld a $5 million jury verdict for a terminal cancer patient who claimed that her doctor failed to warn her that she had an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Hostage Could Get $1 Million After Botched Robbery


Sara Socci, a now 36-year-old married mother of two from Norwalk, did not know what she was getting herself into when she took a part-time office job with Pasiak Construction Services in Stamford six years ago. Just over a week into her new job, she was tied-up, gagged and blindfolded in a robbery gone terribly wrong.

Company To Pay U.S. $50,000 For Overbilling


A Middletown-based energy information company has reached a civil settlement agreement for $50,000 with the federal government over allegations they fraudulently billed the U.S. Department of Energy.

Facing Pressures To Close, Franchisees Awarded $1.8 Million


A group of former San Francisco area Edible Arrangements franchisees were recently awarded nearly $1.8 million following arbitration in Connecticut that centered on accusations that the international chain tried putting some of their own stores out of business.

Former Female Cop Loses Discrimination Claim


A former Suffield police officer, who among her complaints accused the town police department of discriminating against her because she was pregnant, had her lawsuit tossed by a Connecticut federal judge last week.

Potential Doctor Loses Career, Settles For $1 Million


A man who was studying to be a doctor but had his career aspirations derailed after sustaining a head injury in a rear-end collision has settled his lawsuit for just over $1 million.

State Nets $1.6 Million In Medicaid Fraud Case


According to both Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen and the state's top federal prosecutor, David Fein, WellCare Health Plans Inc. will pay $137.5 million overall to nine states and the federal government.

Litigation Nation

The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on July 18 announced its first enforcement action, charging Capital One Bank with deceptively marketing add-on credit card services including credit monitoring and payment protection plans.

School Bus Crash Victims Settle For $6.5 Million


A group of Hartford area students who were passengers on a school bus that plummeted down an embankment on Interstate 84 after being struck by another vehicle have settled their legal claims for $6.5 million.

Towns, Colleges To Cash In On JP Morgan Settlement


Last year, JP Morgan Chase & Co. agreed to settle claims of anticompetitive and fraudulent conduct in the municipal bond derivatives industry for $92 million. According to Connecticut's Attorney General George Jepsen, the state will begin cashing in on the settlement. In all, 10 Connecticut municipalities, agencies or not-for-profit entities will collect more than $1 million in restitution. Those entities include Yale, Quinnipiac and Fairfield universities and the towns of Stratford and Fairfield.

Woman Injured In Walmart Fall Awarded $650,000


A woman who injured her back in an eastern Connecticut Walmart store while sitting on a fitting room bench that collapsed was recently awarded more than $650,000 by a New London Superior Court jury.

Jury Serves Up Bad News To Volleyball Player


A Hartford Superior Court jury recently ruled that an amateur volleyball league and host of a tournament were not liable for head and spinal injuries suffered by a female player during a match.

State Gets $11.1 Million In Drug Settlement

Connecticut will receive $11.1 million from a national settlement between state and federal officials and the pharmaceutical firm GlaxoSmithKline, in what's being billed as the largest health care fraud settlement in U.S. history.

Doctor Avoids Damages In Taxi Driver's Death


A New Haven jury recently ruled that a doctor at a rehabilitation facility was not responsible for the death of a 40-year-old Nigerian man who died of a blood clot after he was taken off of blood-thinning treatments.

Young Driver Reaps $86,000 From Rear-End Crash


A teenager with a neck injury caused by a driver who left the scene of a crash was recently awarded more than $86,000 by a jury in Waterbury.

Brain-Injured Pastor Collects $2.5M After Crash


Litigation Nation

Sidewalk Lawsuit Tripped Up By Jurors


Family Loses Lawsuit After Officers Shoot Dog


A federal jury in Hartford recently ruled in favor of two police officers who had been sued for allegedly shooting a dog in front of a 12-year-old girl.

State Part Of National Soot Settlement With EPA


In what officials are calling a big win for environmental advocates and people with breathing problems, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reached a settlement with Connecticut and 10 other states who sued over national air quality alert standards.

Yale Prevails In Suit Filed By Korean School


In an unusual legal battle that pitted two universities from opposite parts of the world, a federal judge has dismissed claims that Yale University damaged the reputation of a South Korean university embroiled in a political scandal.

U.S. Attorney Settles Two Disability Claims


In Ansonia, federal investigators accused the city there of discriminating against people with mental disabilities or addiction issues. In August 2010, Recovery Network of Programs (RNP), which runs methadone clinics, sought to place a clinic in Ansonia that would provide drug treatment and counseling services to its clients.

Teen Tries To Collect $137,000 Dog Bite Award


Equestrian Fails To Prove That Driver Caused Injury


In an unusual dispute involving an ongoing feud between neighbors, a Middletown jury ruled against a woman who claimed she severely hurt her back when a man purposely screeched his tires and spooked the horse she was riding.

State Has Stake In National Sneaker Settlement


The federal government, Connecticut and 42 other states want the public to know that simply sporting a pair of Skechers' fitness shoes is not going to get you Kim Kardashian's curves or Brooke Burke’s toned tush.

Steelworker's $5.2M A Record Workers' Comp Award

<i>Bruce Weed v. Metal Management Connecticut of North Haven</i>

Hip Refracture Leads To Death, $1.2M Settlement; Wrongful Death Settled for $1.3M

<i><p>Joseph Alfano v. Montowese Health and Rehabilitation et al. </i>; </p> <i>Death Of David "Bubba" Guerrera</i>

Trucker's $26M Award Survives Post-Verdict Motions


<i>Shawn Pouliot v. Paul Arpin Van Lines, et al</i>

Family's Vacation Nightmare Settled For $2.3M

<i>Linda Szollosy v. Hyatt Corp.</i>: At first glance, the extent of 11-year-old Dean Szollosy's brain injuries isn't readily apparent, his family's attorney admits. But his school teachers are well aware of the significant blow he suffered more than seven years ago when a family vacation to the Cayman Islands ended with Dean being airlifted to a Miami hospital.

$17 M Award For Anesthesiologist's Second Victim

<i><b>Conservators of Mia Michelle House v. Norwalk Hospital, Jay D. Angeluzzi, et al.</b></i>: In what is believed to be one of the largest medical malpractice settlements in Connecticut history, Richard A. Silver of Stamford's Silver, Golub & Teitell, won nearly $17 million for a former Peoples Bank teller.

Wallingford Hit-And-Run Case Settles For $1.6M

<b><i>Maureen Kelsey v. Frederick Cowern</i></b>: The fatal drunk driving case of Wallingford constable Robert Kelsey settled on the eve of trial for $1,625,000. <b><i>Alba Cartagene and Robert Delgado v. Johanna Mackles and Ralph Desenna</i></b>: Defense Wouldn't Budge On $1K Split.

Barkeep's Failure To Supervise Patron Costs $265,000


<i>Heather Bosco v. Daniel B. Regan, et al</i>

Interest Boosts Med Mal Verdict Above $1M

<i>Bonnie Testa v. Ossama Bahgat</i>; <i>Ronald Vancour v. Bozzuto's Inc.</i>

$2.75 Awarded In Defective Car Lift Case


<i>Mark Raynock v. Forward Manufacturing Company Inc.</i>; <i>James Peterson v. Greenwich</i>

Mother Hit By Car Awarded $1.3 Million

<p><b><i>Michelle Pryde v. Lester Silverstone</i>:</b> A Bridgeport single mother, struck by vehicle driven a former city school superintendent, was recently awarded $1.3 million after the jury deliberated for an hour-and-a-half.</p>

$1M Settlement In Truck Fatality

Estate of Oleen Wilson v. Rock LLC et al: Four days before the infamous Avon Mountain dump truck crash last summer, another out-of-control truck killed Oleen Wilson, 69, of Southington, on July 25, 2005. She was driving with her daughter, Pamela Kirsch, 39, in the passenger seat and her granddaughter, 9-year-old Jamie Kirsch, in the back.

Verdicts & Settlements

<i>Ana Prado v. Antonio Macatol</i>; <i>Thomas Roome v. Shop Rite Supermarkets Inc</i>

Child's Death Settled For $67,500

<i>Ian O'Connor, administrator v. David Leff, conservator, et al</i>.

$3.8M Settlement Reached In Double Fatality


On the night of Feb. 28, 2004, defendant Elizabeth Gessinger, of New Canaan, apparently dozed off, losing control of her Ford Explorer. It came to rest in the left and part of the right southbound lanes of Interstate-95 in Old Lyme.

Duct Tape Repair Job Leads To $742K Award


Darelyn Haynes v. Fountain View Condominiums: When she fell down a stairwell in the common area of her Groton condominium in December 2003, Darelyn Haynes suffered a herniated disc. The railing had been repaired with duct tape, and gave way when she was using the stairs to visit another tenant. A different tenant testified that, three years earlier, she had repaired the railing temporarily with duct tape and reported it to an officer of the condominium association.

Fired Housing Authority CEO Awarded $700K

<i>Ralph Callahan v. Robert J. Johnson; </i> <i>Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. David Lerner Associate;</i><i>W. James Rice v. The Meriden Housing Authority</i>

Whiplash Victim Awarded $150K Despite Re-injury

Plaintiff lawyer Joseph McManus, of Hartford's Trantolo & Trantolo, had substantial hurdles to overcome, going into his first solo jury trial Feb. 27.

Wrongful Death Claim Settled For $2.2 Million

A wrongful death case brought against a Subway sandwich shop in Salem over a store manager's role in a fatal car accident has been settled for $2.2 million.

Accident Aggravated Preexisting Injury

A car crash that caused the re-aggravation of a preexisting condition landed the plaintiff a $630,000 settlement following mediation by Judge Frederick A. Freedman in Norwalk.

Woman Wins $149,200 For Mouth Injury

A defective retractable dog leash purchased at a dollar store has netted nearly $150,000 for a Shelton woman following a three-day trial in late March.

Drunk Driver's Insurer Agrees To $495,000 Deal

A potential lawsuit involving a woman injured by a drunk driver heading the wrong way on Interstate 95 has been settled for nearly $500,000 before any claim was actually filed in court.

Faulty Smoke Detectors Prove Costly

Carmen Frontanez, et al. v. Betsabeth Rivera, et al.: The estates of a 68-year-old grandmother and her six-month-old granddaughter got through two days of evidence in litigation before settling their wrongful death claims for $410,000.

$1.2M Settlement Leaves Surgeon's Identity A Mystery

The estate of a 60-year-old woman who died after laparoscopic hernia surgery recently received a $1.2 million settlement, under which the names of both the plaintiff and the doctor sued for medical malpractice are being kept secret.

Wallingford Man Strikes Out In Suit Against Yankees

biThomas MacCallum v. New York Yankees Partnership:/b/i A jury in a federal civil suit cleared the New York Yankees of a negligence claim for injuries a fan sustained on Opening Day in 2003.

Weston Police Chief Ends Termination Fight For $250K

Anthony Land v. Town of Weston: The termination proceeding, under C.G.S. § 7-278, to determine probable cause for firing Weston Police Chief Anthony Land has been wrapped up in a $250,000 settlement, subject to approval by two town governing boards.

Jury OKs Punitives For Sex Harassment, Retaliation Claims

Debra Perez v. C. Donald Lane Jr., d/b/a DL Tractor Trailer School: The plaintiff, Debra Perez, claimed she was subjected to sexual and racial harassment at work, in violation of the Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act. After she brought a complaint through the state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, her employer Donald Lane allegedly retaliated by bringing a late appeal of Perez's unemployment benefits he had never contested before. Lane claimed he was never notified of his right to appeal his payments.

Mistrial Declared In Civil Rape Case

A New London woman will press forward with a civil rape case against her uncle, a well-known New London judicial marshal, even after a judge declared a mistrial earlier this month.

Irate Patient Extracts 50K From Groton Dentist

biTimothy L. Brennan v. Groton Dental Group, et al:/b/i A New London County jury last month returned a $50,000 verdict for Timothy Brennan in a four-day dental malpractice trial against Dr. Dennis Flanagan and the Groton Dental Group.

Pipe Fitting Patent Infringement Case Yields $1.1M

Omega Flex v. Parker Hannifin: In a lengthy trial before U.S. District Court Judge Michael Ponsor in Springfield, Mass., lawyers at Bloomfield-based Cantor Colburn have won a patent infringement case against a major Cleveland, Ohio manufacturer.

Judge Blesses $30M Deal To End Stewart Suit

A New York federal court has approved a $30 million settlement of a suit Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. shareholders had filed claiming the company's founder and other executives lied about the risks posed to the company by the investigation into her stock trading.

Medical Firm Pays $600M To Settle Fake-Profits Suit

Cardinal Health Inc. agreed to pay $600 million to settle a lawsuit filed by shareholders accusing the medical products and services company of accounting irregularities and inflated earnings.

Fired Worker Not Awarded Damages

Irianne Rodriguez v. Stamford Antiques Center: Stamford consignment store worker Irianne Rodriguez was investigated by local police in 2000 after her employers found watches and other small valuables missing from a locked cabinet, which was subsequently relocked.

Neck Injury Nets Crash Victim $100,000

ibTatyana Prishchep v. Dora Wilber Moscosco/i:/b A Stamford woman whose neck was injured in an accident caused by a driver who ran a red light was awarded $100,000 last week even though her lawyer sought roughly $20,000 and Allstate Insurance Co. offered $3,000 to settle the case, according to the plaintiff's attorney.

'Skewered' Nerve Leads To $904,000 Jury Verdict

biCarolyn Costello v. Neurological Associates/i:/b Glastonbury homemaker Carolyn Costello was hoping to get relief from leg and back pain on her left side when she agreed to a spinal fusion procedure in 2002. Dr. Bruce Chozik recommended the treatment. But, according to Costello's lawyer, another doctor assisted in the surgery and installed a bone screw that was supposed to secure a plate to stabilize a portion of the woman's spine. Instead, said bPaul T. Edwards/b of bStratton Faxon/b in New Haven, the screw "skewered" a spinal nerve.

Rolls-Royce Club Member Cleared Of Libel Claim

Carolyn Costello v. Neurological Associates: Glastonbury homemaker Carolyn Costello was hoping to get relief from leg and back pain on her left side when she agreed to a spinal fusion procedure in 2002.

Jury: Surgeon Didn't Ignore Teen's Pain Claims

A jury has ruled in favor of a New London orthopedic surgeon who was accused of not treating pain under a teenager's leg cast, a situation that developed into a skin ulcer.

Prison Officials Not Culpable In Inmate's Death

bElaine Wiseman, administrator v. John J. Armstrong, et al/b: On June 28, after a five-week trial, a Hartford jury found "indifference" by workers at the Garner Correctional Facility in the death of 28-year-old inmate Bryant Wiseman, but concluded that did not cause his death on Nov. 17, 1999.

Horse Carriage Crash Case Settles For $200,000

p Harriet Grannick v. Le Voiture Robert et fils, et al.: A Newtown horsewoman collected $200,000 in a settlement mediated by Superior Court Judge bJonathan E. Silbert/b/p

Jury: Meat Grinder Wasn't Defective At All

Despite hearing graphic details about how a young restaurant worker lost an index finger and thumb while using a meat grinder, a jury in Suffolk County, Mass., has sided with the grinder's maker, which was represented by a Glastonbury attorney.

Slip-And-Fall Case Settled For $150,000


A lawsuit brought by a woman injured after slipping on ice in the parking lot at work has settled for $150,000 after mediation.

Diocese Settles Priest Abuse Claims For $6.65M

The Archdiocese of Chicago has paid $6.65 million to settle claims made by 14 people who say they were abused by Catholic priests. The settlements were reached between March 2006 and March 2007 and cover lawsuits filed against 12 current and former priests for abuse that allegedly occurred from the 1960s to the early 1990s.

$2.5M Verdict In Police Shooting Thrown Out

A federal judge has thrown out a $2.5 million jury award against the town of East Haven in connection with the police killing of a 21-year-old man in 1997. In doing so, U.S. District Court Judge Alvin W. Thompson cited a U.S. Supreme Court decision that municipalities are immune from punitive damages.

Oxford Woman Wins $27,500 For Molestation Claim


biCindy Smith v. Diane Bowe, Executrix of the Estate of Dwight Chernauskas:/b/i An Oxford woman claimed her older brother sexually molested her for eight years in the 1960s and 1970s. But for roughly three decades, she waited to file a lawsuit against her brother in a bid to collect monetary damages.

Dead Teen's Parents Awarded $2.25M

A Milford Superior Court judge has awarded $2.25 million to the parents a 13-year-old Shelton boy who died from a heroin overdose. The default award was issued Aug. 6 against James and Angela Krasowski, who were each sentenced in June to 17 years in prison. The Krasowskis were sentenced for manslaughter for their roles in the 2006 death of Frank Korondi.

Lack Of Damage Evidence Works Against Claimant

biEric Stiggle Sr. v. Kristine Stiggle:/b/i The pro se plaintiff sued his ex-wife for slander, false arrest, denial of parental rights and violation of constitutional rights, requesting a jury trial. When she defaulted, he sought a hearing in damages, because his factual allegations were deemed proved.

Norwalk Settles Brutality Claim

A convicted burglar has been paid $44,000 to settle his claims of police brutality filed against the Norwalk police department. As part of the settlement, the city agreed that police supervisors will read a memo from the chief at the daily lineup, reminding officers they must comply with department policies on the use of force.

Lumber Yard Negligence Leads To $575,000 Injury

biRobert Franco v. Interstate Mill and Lumber Yard/i:/b A building contractor was shopping for supplies at Stamford's Interstate Mill and Lumber Yard when an employee threw a 70 pound bundle of insulation from the second story of a barn. The bale of six rolls knocked Robert Franco to the ground. Left dazed, he refused immediate medical attention. But over the next few days, he developed neck pain and other symptoms.

Cracker Barrel Settles Workers' Comp Claim

biNancy Martino v. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store:/b/i An employee of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, who was seriously injured after a slip-and-fall accident, will be compensated $37,000 annually for the rest of her life following a recent settlement agreement.

Casino Pays $1.2M To Woman Who Fell From Toilet

The Trump Taj Mahal, one of Donald Trump's three Atlantic City casino resorts, reached a $1.2 million settlement with an elderly woman injured after her hotel room toilet broke away from the wall while she was sitting on it. The settlement covered Taj Mahal's liability for the injuries Jean Ciocci, 74, of Philadelphia, sustained from two separate falls: the fall from her toilet on Oct. 8, 2004, and a fall she took one-and-a-half years later, which her attorney argued came about because of the significant physical disability in her left arm caused by the earlier bathroom fall.

Deaf City Residents Settle Legal Claims

Torrington officials have agreed to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit brought against city police by three deaf Torrington residents. The lawsuit claimed police used excessive force during an arrest at a home involving a dispute over child custody in 2002.

Judge Slices $100,000 From Doctor's Award

biStephen Harris M.D. v. Bradley Memorial Hospital:/b/i A New Britain jury awarded a Cheshire doctor $50,000 in economic damages and $200,000 in non-economic damages, on breach of contract grounds, after he sued for loss of his surgical privileges. But that was before a judge sliced the non-economic damages in half.

Lawsuit Settled In Westport Fondling Case

A $150,000 settlement has been accepted by the family of a girl who claimed she had been fondled by her art teacher at a Westport school five years ago. The town of Westport, the school board and school officials agreed to the settlement with the family of the girl who was 12 at the time. The teacher named in the suit, Paul Held, taught art at Bedford Middle School. He was sentenced last month in a separate case to more than 10 years in federal prison for receiving child pornography.

Oil Giant Pays $97.5M For Royalties Owed To U.S.

Burlington Resources Inc., a subsidiary of ConocoPhillips, has agreed to pay $97.5 million to settle a whistleblower's claims that it underpaid royalties owed for natural gas produced on federal and Indian lands during a 17-year period.

Several Defendants Agree To Settlement In Nightclub Fire

Relatives of the 100 people killed by a 2003 nightclub fire offered mixed views last week on whether the man whose pyrotechnics ignited the blaze should be let out early from prison, with some saying he had done enough time and others calling his sentence pitifully short. "Daniel Biechele has robbed us of so much," Eileen DiBonaventura, who lost her 18-year-old son Al, told the parole board at a hearing for victims' families. It was held two weeks before the former rock band tour manager comes up for parole. "We have no sympathy for him whatsoever," she said.

Woman Gets $200K From Pit Bull Attack

biLeticia Belton v. Ann Patterson et al./i:/b In June 2006, physician's assistant Letitia Belton was loading her children into a car in front of their Brush Street home in Bridgeport. Her neighbor's black and white pit bull, Spike, had wrapped his lead around a tree in Belton's backyard. When the neighbor, Ann Patterson freed the animal, he charged after Belton and mauled her leg, removing skin and flesh.

Partially Paralyzed Carpenter Gets $3.4M

Jerry Crutchfield v. Stanley Works et al. A construction worker left partially paralyzed from a nail gun accident received $3.4 million from a jury in Hartford.

State Settles Prison Beating For $500,000

A former Somers prison inmate who sued the state after correction officers beat him in 2004 will be awarded $500,000 under a settlement of the case.

Priest Abuse Charges Lead To $170K Settlement

biJames D. Fish v. Norwich Roman Catholic Diocese et al./i:/b In a letter from Bishop Michael Cote read to parishioners at St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church in Pawcatuck on Oct. 28, the diocese announced the latest in what now totals $4.6 million in settlements from priest abuse cases.

Farmington Firm Settles Mortgage Broker Lawsuit

A law firm, mortgage company and real estate broker have agreed to pay $700,000 in fines, forfeitures and restitution to settle allegations that they engaged in kickback schemes that cheated hundreds of home buyers for mortgage-related services, state officials said Monday.

Parking Lot Fall Nets Woman $450K

bDeborah Newsome v. Matthews Ventures LLC:b A Prospect resident was awarded $450,000 following mediation in Waterbury stemming from a slip and fall in an icy parking lot six years ago.

Verdict Information Hard To Nail Down


Law has been called the best-documented of all the professions. Before and after a law is made, lagoons of ink are often spilled in discussing, evaluating and analyzing it. More and more case law is being reported, and the advent of the computer terabyte is continuing to improve the breadth and depth of legal information. One glaring exception is the realm of verdicts and settlements, where even the best knowledge continues to be anecdotal and unofficial. The Law Tribune staff was reminded of that fact as we collected data for our annual yearbook listing Connecticut personal injury verdicts and settlements. That publication is inside this week's newspaper.

Brother Blameless In Ladder Mishap

biScott Sturgeon v. Jeffrey Sturgeon/i:/b What started out as a brotherly favor became a fruitless jury trial for vinyl siding contractor Scott Sturgeon, of Plymouth.

$950,000 For Greenwich Parking Lot Fall

bSharon Sanders v. Town of Greenwich:/b Jewelry store employee Sharon Sanders's premises liability case against the town of Greenwich settled during jury selection for $950,000.

Employee Gets $650K From Store Fall

bSharon Church v. Big E Cleaning LLC Mac Cleaning LLC:/b A former Raymour Flanigan sales associate injured after slipping on a wet floor inside one of the company's furniture stores settled her lawsuit against the cleaning company for $650,000.

Tainted Pet Food Lawsuits Reach Settlement

bIn re Pet Food Products Liability Litigation, MDL-1850:/b A Canadian manufacturer has come to terms with plaintiffs lawyers in litigation over pet food that allegedly caused death or injury to thousands of dogs and cats.

Sex, Suicide And A Legal Twist


Court testimony about bondage and pornography mdash; real or hallucinated mdash; didn't help David L. Kervick's case.

Companies Pay River Pollution Penalties

Four Connecticut companies have agreed to pay $613,000 to resolve legal matters for violating the state's Clean Water Act. A fifth company is being served with state court action by the attorney general's office.

$38 Million For Brain-Damaged Baby


After a seven-week trial, a Stamford jury found obstetrician Corinne de Cholnoky liable for $38.5 million in damages for deciding too late to deliver an oxygen-deprived infant by Cesarean section. At the same time, it cleared co-defendant Stamford Hospital.

Evicting Dog Comes Back To Bite Landlord

bA.M. v. Mahmoud M. Hussein/b: A young girl referred to in court documents as C has cerebral palsy and emotional disabilities. Her doctors agreed that the best thing to help her navigate stairs, avoid falling and generally improve her spirits was a big service dog named Rock.

Rear-Ended Truck Passenger Settles For $1.85M

bRichardo Garcia v. Edward J. Fox, et al.:/b While stopped in heavy traffic on Interstate 95 in Fairfield, passenger Richardo Garcia's vehicle was struck from behind by another truck on Aug. 10, 2001. He was on the job for Quality Glass Works of Waterbury at the time. The tractor trailer that struck him was owned by Logistics Express Inc., of Orange, Calif., and driven by Edward J. Fox. The impact injured Garcia's neck, right arm and back. Before surgery, he was given a rating of 12 percent permanent partial disability to his lumbar spine, and a 10.8 percent whole person disability.

Exonerated After Crash

bPeter Murrugarra et al. v. Jason Takacs/b: Fairfield police officer Jason Takacs was following a car that looked a little suspicious mdash; the plates didn't match the make and model mdash; while traveling west on the Post Road in Fairfield.

Ex-Con Finds That Trial Does Not Pay

bJohn Pragosa V. Jules Wernick, et. al.:/b A South Windsor man with past drug and larceny convictions was awarded just over $193,000 following a bench trial that netted him less than he was seeking in a settlement.

Woman Collects $4.25M After N.J. Crash

Ablicia M. Howe v. Christopher McAllister./b In May, 2004, Alicia Howe, then a 24-year-old psychology student from Prospect, was stopped at a toll booth on the New Jersey Turnpike on her way to Argosy University in Washington, D.C. Without warning, she was struck violently from behind by a 2003 Ford conversion van with enough force to cause her to spin and collide with a third vehicle in front of her. She had to be mechanically extricated from the car and was rushed by helicopter to Cooper University Hospital Trauma Center in Camden, N.J.

$1.25M Settlement For Parking Lot Accident

bPatricia Goldsmith v. Patricia Font:/b Last Dec.15, Patricia Goldsmith was doing some Christmas shopping at a Newtown Road shopping center in Danbury. As she walked across a lane of traffic in front of the Payless shoe store, she was struck by a vehicle that had backed out of a parking space and was attempting to enter the traffic lane.

New Doctrine Helps Yield $57K Verdict

bLeo Fisher III v. Big Y Foods Inc./b A Big Y patron who slipped on a spilled liquid won a verdict of $57,197.53 from the supermarket chain. But both lawyers say what's most interesting is the judge's use of what's known as the mode-of-operation doctrine.

Building Owner Loses Insurance Claim

bCornish Contracting and Real Estate LLC v. The Travelers Indemnity Co./b: The owner of a New London apartment building who spent approximately $43,000 to repair a partially torn roof after a storm lost his lawsuit against his insurance company.

Words Give Chiropractor Pain In Neck

bTiffany Spencer v. United States of America/b: U.S. District Court Judge Vanessa L. Bryant has never been criticized for lacking backbone or being easy to manipulate. In a recent hearing for damages before Bryant, chiropractor Mark Lepensky, of Orange, got more than he could handle-and nothing he could pocket.

'Close Call' Nets Injured Driver $50K

bThomas Henry v. Allstate Insurance:/b A former state Department of Transportation employee, who came within six feet of a potentially fatal crash, was awarded $50,000 in "close call" damages following a bench trial in New Haven.

Teen Crushed By Buses To Receive $370K

bBrian Toms v. Willie Price, et al.:/b Plaintiff Brian Toms was a 17-year-old junior at Ridgefield High on the morning of April 23, 2003. Ironically, he was participating in a school safety drill, and was asked to stand behind a bus and escort other students to safety. While doing so, an unattended second bus, its brakes off, rolled toward him and hit him as Toms attempted to squirm out of the way.

Loading Dock Fall Nets Truck Driver $1.8M

bRobert Myer v. Connecticut Distributing et al./b A Waterbury truck driver with brain injuries agreed to a $1.8 million mediated settlement after sustaining brain and back injuries in a fall at a Bridgeport loading dock.

Tax Bill Slashed For Old Bank Buildings


bBurritt Real Estate LLC v. New Britain/b: On July 7, 1997, long after a real estate and banking shakeout that caused Burritt Savings Bank to be sold by federal authorities, the two New Britain buildings that served as the bank's headquarters sold for $111,000.

Defense Wins Seat Belt Design Debate

bGeoffrey Muggleton et al. v. Volkswagen of America:/b The restraint system in a 1989 Volkswagen Jetta was the focal point of an international battle of titans in a Waterbury courthouse. At issue was whether faulty seat belt design, or the violent impact of a crash, caused the death of Marilyn Muggleton.

Shifting Grocery Pallet Led To $1.2M Settlement


Supermarket worker John Hoyt, of Waterbury, was unloading a shrink-wrapped pallet of loose dairy items when the load began to shift. Unable to get out of the way, he was pinned against the inside of a tractor-trailer and forced to the floor, injuring his spine.

Campground Settles With 95-Year-Old Nudist


For the seasonal residents of the Plainville Campground Association, the vacation retreat of 87 Victorian cottages surrounding a central green was normally a welcome refuge from the cares of the world.

New Haven Clinic Settles Medicare Fraud Case


A New Haven medical clinic has agreed to pay the government nearly $300,000 as part of a settlement for allegedly billing Medicare for phony health services that never occurred.

Norwalk Teachers Settle With School Board


bNorwalk Federation of Teachers Local 1723 v. Norwalk Board of Education, et al./b The Norwalk teachers' union filed an unusual freedom of speech claim when it felt its officers were denied a chance to comment on a proposed school superintendent's contract. The union and the city's school board ultimately settled the matter out of court.

Injured Electrician Collects $695K After Fall


bJonathan Love v. Colonial Builders LLC et al:/b An electrician who fell a couple flights onto a concrete basement floor while working on a newly constructed home being built in Harwinton settled his case for $695,000.

Jury: Nature, Not Negligence, Toppled Trees

bEileen Schmidt v. Michael Rocco:/b A Stamford jury rendered a defendant's verdict on Dec. 4 clearing Greenwich pizzeria owner Michael Rocco of negligence in constructing a retaining wall.

Custodian Gets Nothing After Fall In Snow

iBrian Guimond v. Newfield Construction Inc. and Midstate Site Development LLC/i: Canton school custodian Brian Guimond, 30, was checking doors to make sure they were locked about 9:45 p.m. on March 1, 2005. A layer of snow covered the ground, obscuring a gravel-covered walkway that had been installed three months earlier. The path was raised from two to five inches above the surrounding ground and, Guinmond tripped and fell over it.

Driver Struck By Heavy Door Gets $400K


biEdward Sherman v. Polymer Resources Ltd./b/i A driver for a Glastonbury trucking company, Edward Sherman, was struck on the shoulder by an overhead loading door in Farmington. He was picking up pallets of plastic raw materials from Polymer Resources Ltd., which owned and was responsible for maintaining the 170-pound door, manufactured by Overhead Door Inc.

Sikorsky Aircraft Settles Testing Complaint For $3M


United States v. Sikorsky Aircraft Company: To settle allegations that Sikorsky Aircraft Co. failed to test armor plating on Black Hawk helicopters manufactured for the U.S. Army, the Stratford-based company agreed to pay nearly $3 million in damages.

Worker Collects $1.5M For Carbon Monoxide Injuries


biEbonee Johnson v. Gargiulo Construction Co./i/b: Plaintiffs' lawyer Gerard McEnery has a pretty good idea why Peerless Insurance fired its Halloran Sage lawyers just six weeks before a critical hearing date. He used to be an insurance defense lawyer himself.

Rear-Ended Nurse Collects $1.4M Verdict


ibDonna Yeager v. Maria Alvarez, et al:/b/i A licensed practical nurse won a $1.4 million jury award after a car accident in a case that was complicated by workers' compensation law and a judge's unusual striking of an offer of compromise. Nurse Donna Yeager was injured in a rear-end collision while she was working for Patient Care Inc. She sued the driver of the other vehicle, Maria Alvarez, who carried a $300,000 liability insurance policy. The policy wasn't offered in settlement immediately because Yeager's injuries were not immediately apparent. She previously had lower back injuries, and the accident complicated those problems. Yeager also sustained new injuries to the part of her spine within her neck.

Horse Trainer Collects $291K After Car Crash


ibGeorge A. D'Ambrosio v. Brian E. Donaton et al.:/b/i A top-level trainer of horses for the Olympic sport of show jumping received nearly $300,000 from a jury earlier this month after he was injured in a car accident. George A. D'Ambrosio was driving west on Route 35 in Ridgefield in June of 2005 when he was injured in a crash. The defendant turned into his path, and both cars were totaled.

Mistaken Cancer Diagnosis Nets Plaintiff $1.5M


ibMichael Santopietro v. Elizabeth Lach-Pasko et al.:/b/i Patients who think they have been victims of medical malpractice can face a daunting battle getting the evidence - even when the evidence is literally their own flesh and blood. Such was the case for Torrington school bus driver Michael Santopietro, who was diagnosed with lung cancer at Charlotte Hungerford hospital in his hometown. A radiologist took a tiny biopsy with a vacuum needle, inserted through Santopietro's side, guiding the point to the small dot on his lung while using a CAT-scan. The chief of pathology at the hospital, Dr. Elizabeth Lach-Pasko, unequivocally diagnosed the biopsy material as cancerous.

Plaintiff Gets Nothing After Dance Floor Fall


Marianne Varunes v. Janet Battey, et al.: A Hamden bookkeeper who broke her ankle in a fall at a restaurant lost her lawsuit after she was unable to prove there were problems with the establishment's dance floor.

Jury's Math Gives Teacher About $300K


ibScarlett Pipkin v. AIU Insurance:/b/i Retired Bridgeport schoolteacher Scarlett Pipkin, 58, sustained back injuries when she was struck in a low-impact collision by an uninsured motorist. Her uninsured motorist carrier, the AIU Insurance Co., initially offered to pay her $24,000. New Haven plaintiff's lawyer bWilliam S. Palmieri,/b whose initial demand for his client was $75,000, took the matter to trial before New Haven Superior Court Judge bMark Gould/b. During jury selection, said Palmieri, "Potential jurors expressed surprise that people have to sue their insurance companies for the coverage that one contracts for.The court informed them that this was appropriate, if the [insurer] contests liability. It's just a contract."

Church Bookkeeper Settles Suit Against Diocese

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport has settled a lawsuit with the former bookkeeper of a Darien parish who raised concerns about an ex-priest who stole more than $1 million. The two sides declined to disclose terms of the settlement reached on Monday, Sept. 14, which was the day the case was supposed to go to trial. Had the case gone to trial, plaintiff's attorney bMark Sherman/b said he planned to subpoena Bridgeport Bishop William E. Lori to testify.

Jury Awards Bar Patron Symbolic $4 Million


ibJohn O'Dell, Administrator v. L.C.B. Entities LLC et al.: /b/i New Britain personal injury lawyer Ronald Murphy has handled plenty of "dram shop" cases, which hold bars liable for serving alcohol to patrons who are later involved in accidents. The lawsuit against the bar involved in Patrick O'Dell's alcohol-fueled death seemed a prime candidate for a settlement. Instead, it went to a full trial, ending in a largely symbolic $4 million verdict. By statute, the plaintiff can collect no more than $250,000. Now defense lawyers say they're planning to appeal on the controversial ground that the bar could not be held liable for any damages unless the driver of the vehicle in which O'Dell was riding was visibly intoxicated.

Nurse Who Lost Leg After Surgery Settles For $5.25M


ibEileen Kelleher v. Dr. Ramon Mabasa New Milford Hospital:/b/i A woman who went into the hospital for elective back surgery in 2005 ended up losing her left leg from a procedure gone horribly wrong and, eventually, collecting a settlement of more than $5 million. Eileen Kelleher, 63, of Harwinton, was a registered nurse with the Visiting Nurses Association of Litchfield County. She had hurt her back but wanted to return to work.

Couple Injured By 'Reckless' Driver Awarded $10M


ibMarc Daniels and Laura Daniels v. Joseph D'Amico and Francine D'Amico./b/i The morning of July 31, 2007 was peaceful and promising for East Haddam welder Marc Daniels and his wife, Laura. They headed out early for a restaurant breakfast and a pleasant drive, taking their 2001 Corvette - the car for special occasions. At the same time, 20-year-old Joseph D'Amico, who had only had a driver's license for five weeks, had just ended his overnight shift job at a local Stop Shop. He was hurtling southbound on Route 154 in a Mazda sedan. Ignoring the double-yellow line, witnesses said D'Amico passed several cars on the two-lane road, and was attempting to pass another as he was cresting a hill on a curve. He slammed head-on into the Danielses' oncoming Corvette, severely injuring the husband and wife.

Hospital Settles Claims That It Overcharged Medicare


The U.S. government and Johnson Memorial Hospital in Stafford Springs entered into a civil settlement agreement late last month to resolve allegations that the infirmary violated the False Claims Act. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Connecticut alleges that Johnson Memorial Hospital overcharged Medicare for infusion therapy, chemotherapy administration, and blood transfusions between 2000 and 2005.

Woman Injured In Car Wash Nets $80,000


ibHeidi Laudenat v. Autec Inc.:/b/i A social worker whose foot got crushed in a drive-through car wash was recently awarded $80,000. On July 17, 2004, Heidi Laudenat, a young woman in her 20s, went to Sparkle Car Wash in Waterford, an enterprise owned by Warrant Equities. According to her lawyer, Robert I. Reardon Jr., of the Reardon Law Firm in New London, Laudenat drove into the car wash, put her Jeep Liberty in park and remained in the vehicle as the machinery began to tug the SUV forward.

Blame-Pedestrian Defense Leads To $153K Verdict


ibPhillip Torres v. Angel L. Torres: /b/iA former McDonald's employee who was hit by a pickup and seriously injured while crossing a dark road in Fairfield was awarded more than $150,000 after a four-day trial. Bridgeport resident Phillip Torres, 19, was struck by a 1999 Ford Ranger truck just before 10 p.m. on March 31, 2007. He was leaving work at the McDonald's in Fairfield, between the Post Road and the King's Highway Cutoff.

Defense Verdict Delivered In Postal Carrier Lawsuit


ibLiz Cyr v. Maritime Properties Corp.:/b/i A woman who has been unable to work since mailboxes lining the wall of an apartment complex fell on her foot couldn't to convince a jury that the building owners were liable for the accident. Liz Cyr, 45 of Milford, was delivering mail for the U.S. Postal Service on July 15, 2005 at the Corset Factory, an upscale apartment complex owned by Maritime Properties in South Norwalk.

Ambulance Confusion Costs Bristol $1.75M


ibLewis McQuarrie et al. v. Town of Bristol:/b/i The family of a Bristol woman who died of an asthma attack after police confusion delayed the arrival of an ambulance has received $1.75 million in a settlement. On the morning of March 28, 2002, Bristol homemaker Kathleen McQarrie-Doucette, 29, suffered an asthma attack at home and called 911. She had a long history of respiratory ailments, and controlled her condition with an inhaler.

Tobacco Company Settles With State For $150,000

The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. will pay Connecticut $150,000 to settle a lawsuit stemming from an advertisement for Camel cigarettes that appeared in iRolling Stone/i magazine. State officials had claimed the ad violated the nationwide settlement reached between tobacco companies and many states in 1998.

Hospital Settles For $1.5M After Heart Attack Death


ibEstate of Arkady Mikhelzon v. The State of Connecticut: /b/iThe estate of a Russian immigrant collected about $1.5 million from the University of Connecticut's hospital after claiming that doctors failed to implant a device that might have prevented a fatal heart attack. At age 9, Arkady Mikhelzon moved from Russia to the U.S. with his parents, and they moved to Connecticut when he was 15. Growing up, he was active and healthy, but he had a heart condition that can strike young people unexpectedly.

Disabled Woman Awarded $1M After Alleged Rape


ibJane Doe et al v. Gerald Terry et al:/b/i A 16-year-old mentally handicapped girl who claims she was raped in a taxi cab in 2007 was awarded just over $1 million by a jury late last month. According to the victim's lawyer, Timothy Donahue, of Donahue, Durham Noonan P.C. in Guilford, the teen attended an after-school program in North Haven for special needs students to help improve her social and adaptive skills. She was transported by Metro Taxi of West Haven several times a week from school to the site of the after-school program and then from that facility back home.

Doctor To Pay $220,000 For Medicare Violations


U.S. ex rel. Dr. Mark Ruderman v. Dr. Barbara Kage and Rheumatology Allergy Institute of Connecticut LLC: A Manchester rheumatologist must pay more than $200,000 as part of a civil settlement agreement with the government for allegedly submitting false claims to Medicare.

Hot Wax Burn Victim Settles With Salon For $100,000


ibDebbie Becker v. Salon de Oasis:/b/i A woman who went to a salon for a Brazilian wax but left with burns from hot wax has settled her lawsuit for $100,000. Debbie Becker, an Arizona resident who used to live in Connecticut, went to Salon de Oasis in Madison in early July 2007. According to her lawyer, Pamela Levin Cameron, of Sinoway, McEnery, Messey and Sullivan in New Haven, Becker went to get a Brazilian wax treatment, which is used to remove pubic hair.

State Reaps $225K From Deal With Drug Makers

Abbott Laboratories and the French company Fournier have agreed to pay $22.5 million to 24 states - including Connecticut - to settle claims that the drug makers illegally blocked generic versions of the cholesterol-reducing drug TriCor. Connecticut will receive $224,714 from the agreement. A portion of the money will reimburse the state's Medicaid program for TriCor prescriptions it covered.

Health-Care Provider Settles With Feds Over Improper Claims

ibThe United States v. The May Institute Inc.:/b/i A behavioral health-care provider in Manchester has agreed to pay the U.S. government nearly $110,000 to settle claims it violated the False Claims Act.

Hairdresser Gets $250K For Back Injuries


ibCheryl Betkoski v. Marlene Albini:/b/i A Wolcott hairdresser received more than $250,000 for injuries suffered in a car accident, after her attorneys managed to persuade a jury to overlook a past drug addiction that led the woman to lie to doctors in the past.

Connecticut Pediatric Practice Settles Overbilling Claims


A pediatric medical practice with offices statewide has agreed to pay the U.S. government nearly $75,000 to settle allegations it had improperly billed patient visits. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Connecticut, Pediatric Healthcare Associates, with offices in Trumbull, Bridgeport, Stratford, Southport, Shelton and Fairfield, violated the False Claims Act for improper billing.

Jury Delivers $128K Verdict To Newspaper Driver


ibRoberta Williams v. Jud Repko:/b/i An East Windsor newspaper delivery woman who sustained back injuries when her car was rear-ended received $100,000 after a trial in which the other driver appeared in court in an orange prison jumpsuit.

Train Conductor Gets $1.2M After Derailment


ibVickie Flanagan v. Metro-North Commuter Railroad:/b/i A longtime railroad engineer who was injured when a Waterbury-bound train derailed three years ago has settled her lawsuit for $1.2 million. Vickie Flanagan, 51, of Milford, was engineer of a Metro-North Railroad four-car train that was headed north from Bridgeport on June 21, 2007 at about 1:30 p.m.

$1M Settlement For Pedestrian Killed On Main Street


Joyce Brown, executrix v. Shawn Maia et al.: On a drizzling and foggy night in November 2008, a semi-retired scientist, Robert T. Brown, 67, picked up a large pizza from an eatery on Manchester's Main Street. The unusually wide street runs north and uphill through the center of the downtown business district. Brown parked on the west side of the street, according to court documents, and headed to Mulberry Street Pizza, on the east side of the street. His receipt showed the pizza was picked up at 7:04 p.m.

Construction Company Settles With Feds For $800K


A Danbury-based construction company has reached an out-of-court settlement with federal authorities over allegations it committed fraud when securing a contract for a federal water project.

Plaintiff Loses Claim After Collapse Of Bar Stool


Archie Campbell v. PEH I et al.: A Hartford Superior Court jury recently ruled against a North Carolina man who filed a lawsuit after injuring his back when a bar stool at an East Hartford hotel collapsed.

Punitive Damages At Issue In UPS Worker's Case


ibMichael Tomick v. United Parcel Service, et al:/b/i A Superior Court judge has eliminated $500,000 in punitive damages from a verdict awarded to a United Parcel Service worker who claimed that the courier company had wrongly fired him.

Woman Injured In Head-On Crash Collects $250K


ibBetty-Jean Landeen v. Kate Dibble et al.:/b/i A woman whose vehicle was hit head-on in a car crash two years ago has recovered nearly $250,000 in damages following a trial in New Britain. Betty-Jean Landeen, 50, of Bristol, was driving east on Meriden Avenue on her way to work in Southington at around 7 a.m.

Insurer Agrees To Pay $55,000 For Data Breach

The Vermont Attorney General's Office says a Connecticut-based health insurance company is ready to pay $55,000 to settle a complaint that it didn't inform customers that personal information had been lost along with an unencrypted computer hard drive.

Car Owner Gets About $50K After Corvette Crash


ibRonald Cassella v. Jennifer Lenches, et al.:/b/i A Branford man has been awarded nearly $50,000 after a negligent driver damaged his rare sports car. Ronald Cassella was driving his 1971 Steel City Grey Corvette Stingray LT-1 on Route 146 in Branford in the early afternoon May 26, 2007.

Rear-Ended Driver Gets More Than $800,000


ibRichard Plawecki v. Richard Franklin, et al.:/b/i A 59-year-old man whose shoulder was injured after his vehicle was rear-ended was awarded more than $800,000 by a jury in New Britain. Richard Plawecki, of the Terryville section of Plymouth, was driving his pickup on Farmington Avenue in Bristol at 3:45 p.m. on Feb. 2, 2009.

Doctor Settles With Feds Over Medicare Claims

A doctor of osteopathic medicine with a practice in Suffield has entered into a civil settlement agreement with the Government in which he will pay nearly $380,000 to resolve allegations that he violated the False Claims Act.

Woman Hit By Truck Driver Nets Nearly $5M


biRenay Emmanuele et al. v. Lawford Howell et al.:/i/b A woman who was seriously injured after her car collided with a tractor-trailer driven by a man who had been on the road for 19 of the previous 36 hours was awarded nearly $5 million by a Hartford jury.

Woman Gets $100,000 After Fall Down Stairs


ibMelissa DePaulo v. Wallace Frasier:/i/b A woman who broke her foot after falling down the stairs of her apartment building has been awarded $100,000 by a Superior Court judge.

Woman Nets Nearly $200K After Fall In Icy Complex


Nancy Diaz v. Hartford Housing Authority: A Hartford woman who hurt her ankle after falling on ice and snow in her apartment complex was recently awarded more than $200,000 following a bench trial. In 2007, Nancy Diaz, 51, lived at Nelton Court in Hartford, an apartment complex with 122 units spread over 14 buildings and controlled by the Hartford Housing Authority. The complex has since been torn down and is being rebuilt.

Colonoscopy-Gone-Wrong Nets Woman $250,000


Barbara Eannarino, et al. v. Lizabeth Fiedler, M.D.: A Danbury woman who had her spleen ripped apart during a routine colonoscopy was recently awarded nearly $250,000 by a jury. On the morning of June 22, 2006, Barbara Eannarino, 62, went to the Danbury Surgical Center, where she had a colonoscopy performed by Dr. Lizabeth Fiedler, a gastroenterologist.

Popular Psychic Awarded $500K After Crash


Angelina D. Ekenbarger v. Evanna Holloway: A psychic medium who injured her neck in a car accident has recovered just over $500,000 following a December trial in Hartford Superior Court. Angelina Diana, 47, of Enfield, whose last name was Ekenbarger when the lawsuit was filed prior to a divorce, was injured in a two-car crash in East Hartford on the morning of July 30, 2009. According to her lawyer, Brian Flood, of Cheshire's Moore, O'Brien, Jacques Yelenak, Diana was driving a 2009 Nissan Murano and traveling east on Governor Street in East Hartford.

Hospital Settles Medicare Overpayment Allegations For $472,000


The U.S. Attorney's Office in Connecticut has reached a nearly $472,000 civil settlement agreement with New Milford Hospital after allegations that the hospital overbilled the government, later discovered its own mistake, and still kept the additional funds.

Court Clerks' Discrimination Claim Dismissed


Habibah Abdul-Hakeem v. Cara Parkinson and Corrine McCarthy: A federal judge has dismissed claims by a former Norwich court clerk who said her bosses treated her differently than her white colleagues. Habibah Abdul-Hakeem, 36, of New London, had filed a lawsuit May 13, 2010 in U.S. District Court in New Haven against her supervisors at the Norwich Superior Court building -- Deputy Chief Court Clerk Cara Parkinson and Deputy Clerk Corrine McCarthy -- alleging racial discrimination.

Man Tossed Down Stairs By Bouncer Awarded $376,000


Jaroslaw Brzostek v. Michael Simpson et al.: A man from Poland who was thrown down a flight of stairs by a bouncer at a Stamford nightclub has been awarded more than $376,000 by a judge. Jaroslaw Brzostek, 33, a native of Poland who now resides in Stamford, was at MOR Nightlife after midnight with his friends on Sept. 23, 2003. According to Brzostek's lawyer, Matthew M. Maddox, of Stamford, closing time was drawing near, but Brzostek and his friends apparently weren't leaving fast enough to appease the bouncers.

Medical Providers Settle False Claims Act Cases


Three Connecticut medical providers recently settled allegations that they violated the False Claims Act, among them a Norwich oncology practice that paid more than $316,000 to the federal government in response to accusations it allowed unlicensed medical assistants to administer injections to patients.

Ski Instructor Receives $88,000 After Car Crash


Mary P. Morris v. Loren G. Ross, Maurice A. McGeehan and Nancy Hess: A ski instructor whose knee was seriously injured when another car slammed head-on into her vehicle recently recovered $88,000 in a jury verdict.

Injured Rail Worker's Win Relied on Rail Safety Act


Andrew Barati v. Metro-North Railroad Co.: A Waterbury man was awarded more than $1 million after a federal jury decided his railroad employer had wrongfully retaliated against him for reporting an injury when fixing a track. According to the man's lawyer, it's the first verdict in the country awarding punitive damages to an employee who was retaliated against by a railroad company since Congress enacted a new law in 2007 called the federal Rail Safety Act.

Settlement Serves Up $370,000 To Food Poisoning Victims


Merlin Sutton, et al. vs. Soul for Real LLC, d/b/a Sandra's Place: A dozen workers at a New Haven business who all contracted food poisoning within 90 minutes of a corporate luncheon recently collected $370,000 in a post-trial settlement. In August 2006, the United Illuminating Co., the New Haven-based electric distribution company, held a luncheon for two of its customer service employees - Carol Jones and Delphine Blakely - who had worked there for more than 25 years.

Rear-Ended Driver Awarded $131,000 After Accident


Sharon Pabey v. Kevin Lawrence: A woman who was pregnant when she was injured in a 2009 car crash in Wolcott was awarded nearly $131,000 by a judge following a trial on damages, although she will collect somewhat less, due to limits on an auto insurance policy.

Injured Driver Gets $68,000 After Head-On Crash


Irfan M. Kahn v. Richard G. Anderson: A man who injured his shoulder in a head-on car crash in Bridgeport has recovered more than $68,000 following a bench trial.

Ex-Principal Wins $4 Million Verdict Against Drug Maker


Margaret B. Fraser and Joseph T. Fraser v. Wyeth Inc. and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc.: A retired elementary school principal and her husband recovered $4 million after a federal jury in Connecticut decided that the woman developed breast cancer as a result of taking a menopause drug.

Motorcyclist's Estate Recovers $1 Million in Verdict


Susan Boudreault, Executrix of the Estate of Richard A. Boudreault v. Esteban Pacheco and Jarmoc Tobacco LLC: The estate of a man who was killed when the motorcycle he was driving crashed into a tobacco farm tractor has recently recovered $1 million from a jury in Hartford.

Plaintiff Loses Lawsuit Against Officer, Town


Anthony Piland v. Frank Esposito, and Town of Watertown: A lawsuit filed by a man who claimed that a Watertown police officer unlawfully detained him following an altercation with a prank-pulling teenager resulted in a recent defense verdict in Connecticut federal court.

Connecticut To Share In $1.5 Billion Drug Settlement


Connecticut will receive $6 million as part of a massive $1.5 billion civil and criminal health care fraud settlement between a large pharmaceutical company and federal and state governments over allegations the company promoted a drug for unauthorized uses.

Female Officer Wins Promotion In Settlement


Elizabeth Erickson v. City of Stamford: A female police officer of 24 years who sued the city of Stamford for discrimination after she was passed over for a possible promotion to captain has reached a settlement that includes the promotion.

Health Care Company Settles Bias Claim


A health care staffing company headquartered in Wilton has settled allegations with the federal government that it posted discriminatory job ads on its web site and other job search sites.