A court may consider the parties' incomes and assets when one of the parties requests the payment of court-ordered pendente lite alimony. The parties were married approximately one year, and the plaintiff husband filed for a dissolution. The defendant wife requested that the court award pendente lite alimony. The plaintiff husband, who has primary custody of his children from an earlier relationship, earns $4,807 gross per week as a law firm associate. The defendant wife, a homemaker with two children from an earlier marriage, currently does not possess any earning capacity, although she expects to receive $777 gross per week in Social Security payments, starting in November 2012. The court ordered the husband to pay $1,280 per week, as alimony pendente lite, and to pay the electricity, gas and water expenses. The court awarded the wife and her children exclusive possession of the marital residence and ordered the wife to pay the mortgage. In the event that the wife fails to keep the mortgage current, the husband may deduct $688 per week from the alimony payment and use that money to pay the mortgage on the marital residence.