A disability that results in a decrease in income may constitute a substantial change in circumstances. At the time of dissolution, the parties agreed to shared parenting and the plaintiff husband, a lawyer, agreed to pay alimony of $57 per week and child support of $271 per week. There was no departure in the amount of child support as a result of shared parenting. When the court dissolved the parties' marriage in June 2011, it incorporated the parties' agreement. At that time, the husband was earning approximately $1,939 gross per week at The Hartford. Currently, the husband is collecting unemployment compensation of $573 gross per week and working to start his own law practice. Allegedly, the husband lost his job because of neglect. The court found that the husband's imputed earning capacity remains $1,939 gross per week and that the husband failed to establish a substantial change in circumstances, as the result of the loss of his job. At the time of dissolution, the wife was earning $573 gross per week. The wife established that her income decreased as a result of disability and that she currently receives $480 gross per week, which includes disability compensation. The wife established a substantial change in circumstances as a result of her decreased income. The court increased alimony from $57 to $90 per week and child support from $271 to $306 per week.